Missing AAdvantage Miles Request retroactive credit for your loyalty miles

American Airlines invites you to present your Aadavantage card, in order to benefit from the miles each time you use it to book or purchase any service.

If, however, you were unable to provide this number at the start or if it was not taken into account, you can now request the retroactive credit of your loyalty program miles by completing the form below.
It should be remembered that only rental contracts of less than six months may be subject to retroactive credit at partner conditions. In addition, a period of at least one month after closing the contract is necessary for your Points / Miles to appear on the partner account.

If you wish, you can call our telephone information service to be put in touch with the appropriate service depending on the problem you are having (damaged card, lost card, stolen card, etc.). To best respond to your requests, Aadvantage customer service is at your disposal 24/7.
Are you missing any miles, rewards or points? If so, contact American Airlines and submit a report online.

The US airline can only process missing mile claims within one year of the rental end. Please wait two months after your rental ends before claiming missing miles or their Frequent Flyer program will not yet be able to claim missing miles. The traveler concerned must be the holder of the Flying Club membership card. How do you request a credit for miles that have not been credited to your account?
To claim miles for American Airlines flights, select Claim Miles. Fill out the form with all applicable information and submit it.

For participant airline mileage credit requests, visit the Claim Mileage Credit page and follow the instructions provided.

For non-airline mile credit requests, such as car rentals, hotels, restaurants, retail, etc., visit the Non-airline mile credit section. This area provides a list of non-airline companies participating in AAdvantage and instructions on how to claim missing miles credit from specific non-airline participants.

Where can you find my ticket number?

The ticket number can be located as follows depending on the documentation you have:
– Passenger Receipt: located at the bottom center of the page under Serial number of the airline form.
– Electronic ticket: located on the itinerary and the receipt which was faxed or mailed to you.
– Credit card statement: If you paid by credit card, it can be found in the description field of your credit card bill.
– Canceled check: if you paid by check, it can be found on the back of the canceled check.
– Travel agent: if you bought your ticket from a travel agent, contact them to get the ticket number.

How long do you have to wait before claiming your mileage credit?

You must wait at least 15 days from the end of your trip. For mileage credit transactions with other partners, allow a minimum of thirty days from the transaction. Any request for mileage not credited to your account must be requested within twelve months of the activity. Activity prior to your registration date is not eligible for mileage credit.

After you request to add the missing miles to your account, allow up to ten days for Advantage mile credit. Mileage requests from American Airlines and its partners are usually credited within thirty days. To verify a post, please verify your AAdvantage account online during this time.

If you are submitting a request to add missing miles, please allow six weeks to see the mileage shown on your account for American Airlines flights. Other miles may take up to twelve weeks to appear on your statement. If you need a faster response and the trip was made on American Airlines, you can submit a request online at AA.com.

What if you forget to add your frequent flyer card number?

No problem, American Airlines and most airlines allow you to collect miles for up to 6 months after travel. All you have to do is log into your frequent flyer account at least two weeks after your trip, you will find a section “recover my missing miles.”

You can regularize Miles to correct an error on the travel cabin. For flights operated by the United States air carrier, simply send a copy of your ticket and boarding pass to their customer service.
For all other airline partner flights, and for non-airline partners, also send a copy of your ticket and your original boarding pass to American Airlines customer service.

If you have purchased an upgrade, please attach a copy of the payment receipt.

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    Need to add missing miles to my account
    Record Locator: TOQOVW

  2. Anna Saleq

    My sister and I took the same flights on American Airlines in February of this year, unlike me, she forgot to give her frequent flyer number, so the miles were not credited to her account after booking her tickets, how do I get them back?

  3. Kristi Eth

    I am missing my miles from one of the passengers on our trip to San Diego in November 2021. The ticket number is 0017668718006. I received miles for ticket 0017668718005 and 0017668718007 but not 0017668718006. The passenger was Claudia Hanson. I requested the missing miles online but the online system says that it is an invalid number. I tried to call and get help on the phone but the automated system was not understanding my problem.

  4. Syed Bukhari

    Redeem my last flight mileage from DFW to LGA ticket # 7567021052.

    American Airlines 1435 , Departure date – Jun 21, 2021
    DFW-LGA, Economy/Coach Class (L)
    American Airlines 541 , Departure date – Jun 22, 2021
    LGA-DFW, Economy/Coach Class (V)
    Ticket 7567021052

  5. Robert E. & Joan M. AYLOR

    Please give credit for trip from Washington, DC on Sept 10, 2021 to Los Angeles and return flight on Sept. 18, 2021 from LA to Washington, DC for Robert Aylor and Joan Aylor. Some of the ticket #s are 0012189048102 and 0012189046732. Thank you for your help. I have had no success getting to talk to a live person.

  6. Liana Luc

    Redeem my last flight mileage from Charlotte,nc to Cancun Mexico from July 18th and return date on July 23th aa 1778 flight numbers

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