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Direct flights from Appleton

Origin - DestinationFlightDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Appleton ↔ DenverUnited Airlines (UA 5283)30 October 20212 November 2021Tickets from 252
Appleton ↔ Las VegasAllegiant Air (G4 7)16 September 202119 September 2021Tickets from 135
Appleton ↔ OrlandoAllegiant Air (G4 2883)12 March 202226 March 2022Tickets from 493


Flights from Appleton

DestinationFlightDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Las VegasAllegiant Air (G4 7)16 September 202119 September 2021Tickets from 310
OrlandoAmerican Airlines (AA 4356)12 December 20218 January 2022Tickets from 261
Montego BayAmerican Airlines (AA 4710)16 December 202123 December 2021Tickets from 791
HonoluluUnited Airlines (UA 5283)11 December 20211 January 2022Tickets from 1 154
Leon/GuanajuatoUnited Airlines (UA 3769)11 December 20218 January 2022Tickets from 1 051
AlbanyUnited Airlines (UA 3822)14 October 202117 October 2021Tickets from 300
TampaUnited Airlines (UA 3822)13 September 202120 September 2021Tickets from 324
AnchorageDelta Air Lines (DL 5063)29 October 20215 November 2021Tickets from 390
Colorado SpringsAmerican Eagle (ZZ 3822)13 November 202118 November 2021Tickets from 469
CincinnatiAmerican Airlines (AA 4608)11 September 202112 September 2021Tickets from 308
DenverAmerican Eagle (ZZ 4090)13 November 202118 November 2021Tickets from 257
FresnoAllegiant Air (G4 7)15 November 202122 November 2021Tickets from 467
Raleigh/DurhamAmerican Eagle (ZZ 4608)12 October 202116 October 2021Tickets from 250
RenoUnited Airlines (UA 3903)7 October 202110 October 2021Tickets from 430
Fort WayneAllegiant Air (G4 2302)23 December 20213 January 2022Tickets from 494
Punta CanaUnited Airlines (UA 3903)10 December 202117 December 2021Tickets from 748
TallahasseeAmerican Airlines (AA 4710)11 September 202112 September 2021Tickets from 280


Cheap flights from Appleton

DestinationStopsDeparture atReturn atTrip classFound atFind tickets
Las VegasDirect16 September 202119 September 2021Economy4 September 2021Tickets from 135
Orlando1 Stop22 October 202125 October 2021Economy6 September 2021Tickets from 220
Albany2 Stops30 October 20212 November 2021Economy8 September 2021Tickets from 248
Raleigh/Durham2 Stops12 October 202116 October 2021Economy9 September 2021Tickets from 249
DenverDirect30 October 20212 November 2021Economy8 September 2021Tickets from 252
Tallahassee1 Stop11 September 202112 September 2021Economy5 September 2021Tickets from 274
Colorado Springs1 Stop13 November 202118 November 2021Economy10 September 2021Tickets from 283
Cincinnati1 Stop11 September 202112 September 2021Economy9 September 2021Tickets from 307
Reno2 Stops7 October 202110 October 2021Economy7 September 2021Tickets from 344

Appleton, located in the middle of apple country, is a popular travel destination for people looking to book flights to Appleton, Wisconsin. There are many options for finding affordable flights to this region. One option available is direct flight to and from Appleton. Appleton's proximity to the Green Bay Packers located in Milwaukee and proximity to Fox Towns make it a great way to take a business class plane trip to the city.

Booking a business class airline ticket to Appleton, Wisconsin from Milwaukee or other cities can be done easily using the convenience of the web. The customer has access to the entire network of airlines that offer flights to Appleton from a national or international airport. This includes United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, ...

The customer can choose the flight that suits them best depending on the number of days they want to spend at Appleton. One thing to keep in mind with business class air travel is that the seats in this section often fill up quickly due to high demand. To get a better deal, it is advisable to call ahead and inquire about flight availability before booking a flight. Booking a business class flight to Appleton, Wisconsin will allow the traveler to enjoy a long season in the business class section of major airlines.