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Direct flights from Savannah

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Atlanta10 March 202312 March 2023AeromexicoTickets from 276
Nashville2 March 20234 March 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 235
Boston6 May 20236 May 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 192
Baltimore9 February 202311 February 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 620
Chicago23 February 202327 February 2023United AirlinesTickets from 257
Cincinnati26 May 202329 May 2023Allegiant AirTickets from 196
Denver10 February 202312 February 2023United AirlinesTickets from 485
Dallas3 March 20236 March 2023American AirlinesTickets from 241
Fort Lauderdale4 June 202311 June 2023United AirlinesTickets from 122
Miami7 March 20238 March 2023American AirlinesTickets from 321
Minneapolis6 August 202320 August 2023Sun Country AirlinesTickets from 225
New Orleans24 March 202327 March 2023Mexicana de AviaciónTickets from 100
New York28 February 202328 February 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 92
Philadelphia22 February 20231 March 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 87
Houston24 February 202326 February 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 275
Tampa17 April 202321 April 2023Silver AirwaysTickets from 118
Washington15 March 202321 March 2023Tickets from 185


Flights from Savannah

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
New York24 March 202327 March 2023United AirlinesTickets from 283
Anchorage8 April 202316 April 2023American AirlinesTickets from 689
Chicago4 May 20237 May 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 518
Cincinnati26 May 202329 May 2023Allegiant AirTickets from 196
Las Vegas30 March 20232 April 2023American AirlinesTickets from 720
Pittsburgh9 February 202313 February 2023United AirlinesTickets from 325
San Juan5 April 20239 April 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 522
Fort Lauderdale22 June 202325 June 2023United AirlinesTickets from 169
Atlanta10 March 202312 March 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 525
Dallas9 March 202311 March 2023United AirlinesTickets from 411
Denver16 March 202319 March 2023United AirlinesTickets from 662
Los Angeles25 May 202328 May 2023American AirlinesTickets from 694
Moscow18 August 202327 August 2023Etihad AirwaysTickets from 2 208
Washington7 February 20238 February 2023United AirlinesTickets from 248
Hartford26 February 202327 February 2023United AirlinesTickets from 562
Cancun10 March 202313 March 2023American AirlinesTickets from 729
San Jose del Cabo25 February 202327 February 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 1 074
Aruba12 April 202316 April 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 5 933
Indianapolis9 March 202311 March 2023Delta Air LinesTickets from 438
Miami22 June 202325 June 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 799
Providence17 February 202319 February 2023United AirlinesTickets from 274
Madrid10 June 20233 July 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 2 081
Mexico City7 June 202314 June 2023American AirlinesTickets from 536
Manchester2 March 20234 March 2023American AirlinesTickets from 445
Oklahoma City16 February 202320 February 2023American AirlinesTickets from 648
Philadelphia13 February 202317 February 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 1 239
Nashville2 March 20234 March 2023American AirlinesTickets from 299
Detroit18 April 202322 April 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 708
Honolulu7 April 202310 April 2023United AirlinesTickets from 2 424
Portland6 June 202314 June 2023Alaska AirlinesTickets from 385


Cheap flights from Savannah

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Tbilisi1 April 20237 April 2023Tickets from 1 623

Booking flights from Savannah, Georgia is something any visitor to this South Georgia city will never regret. The laid-back, small-town atmosphere is the perfect combination for a fun-filled vacation, and Savannah has everything needed for an enjoyable trip. Visitors can choose from a number of different routes that take them all over the world. Some include a stop in Rome, London, Paris, and many other major cities, while others travel across the UK, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, France, etc. Because there are so many options, tourists are encouraged to research and make the most of their time in the city.

Those who book flights from Savannah Georgia understand the importance of security and always stay well protected by adding one of the many other security measures including escorts, surveillance, bodyguards, and magnetometers. Plus, those who want to enjoy the city's restaurants will have no trouble finding what they want. There are also many local attractions including the historic Kingsley House, Clark Park, and Savannah River Park for residents. The best part about traveling to this region is that flights from Atlanta can take you almost anywhere you want, including some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

If you're looking for a low-cost or no-frills way to travel, consider booking a flight from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia. The friendly people here will make your vacation one to remember, and the many sightseeing and dining options will leave visitors satisfied. If you are traveling with your whole family, you may want to consider a charter bus service, which can pick you up from the airport and drop you back to your hotel in your own plane. Traveling together in a group is also a popular choice, especially for a Georgia honeymoon. With affordable flights and affordable accommodations, it's possible to organize a great trip right from the comfort of your home or office.