Flight delay or lost baggage, file a claim to settle the dispute with Southwest Airlines

Airlines are primarily providers of transportation services and therefore a claim against Southwest Airlines will not differ significantly from similar claims against any legal entity providing services under an offer public. In other words, the claim will be based on the failure or poor performance by the airline of its obligations to transport passengers and cargo.

When can a claim be filed with Southwest Airlines?

The basis of the airline’s claim may be any violation of the obligations arising from the public offer, depending on the class of service chosen by the passenger. For example:

– Providing seats that do not correspond to the class of tickets purchased;

– There was overbooking, that is to say the sale of two tickets for one seat;

– The luggage has been damaged or lost

– There has been a flight delay or cancellation due to the fault of the airline; or an overbooking.

The complaint must be justified by:

– Actual harm caused by poor quality service delivery;

– Violation by the airline of the clauses of the contract.

For example, if the passenger is hungry during the flight and the contract does not provide for meals on board, there will be no grounds for complaint. Delay of the flight due to adverse weather conditions or the company’s refusal to pay the full cost of the ticket if returned 3 hours before the flight will not constitute grounds for complaint.

However, air services are a complex in which one service overlaps with another. For example, with a significant flight delay, even if it is not the fault of the airline, passengers should be provided with water, food and normal waiting conditions for departure. If the delay of the flight does not serve as a basis for filing a claim, then the lack of mineral water while waiting is already a violation of the terms of the contract.

For any inconvenience suffered at the airport because of Southwest, produced because of a delay, cancellation or overbooking of a flight, or because of the loss or even the deterioration of luggage, do not hesitate to file a complaint with your airline and ask them for the compensation you deserve.
There are two ways to do this: Submit a claim online (https://support.southwest.com/email-us/s/), or call the Southwest call center at this number: 1-800-435-9792.

Prove the validity of claims against Southwest Airlines

The main proof of the relationship with the airline is the ticket for the flight. In addition to the ticket, in support of the claim, can be provided:

– Baggage tags;

– Stickers on hand luggage;

– Photo showing the condition of the luggage

– Flight delays;

– Receipt for payment of excess baggage, …

The law provides for a mandatory pre-trial procedure to resolve a dispute, therefore, without a prior request from the airline, it will not be possible to go to court. Exceptions are cases of death of a passenger or damage to his health through the fault of the company. For this category of disputes, a prior request is not required.

Deadline to file a claim with Southwest Airlines

The deadlines for submitting claims to the airline vary depending on the type of transport. For inland transport, the period is six months:

– From the date of observation of the fact of the damage or loss of the luggage;

– From the date of drafting of the act of loss of the postal item;

– After expiry of the 10-day delivery period, if the baggage has not been delivered;

– In all other cases, the delay begins to be calculated from the moment of the event.

For international flights, the delays are calculated as follows:

– 7 days in the event of damage to the baggage, from the date of receipt of the baggage:

– 14 days in case of damage to the cargo, from the day of receipt of the cargo:

– 21 days in the event of late delivery of baggage, from the day of receipt.

– In all other cases, the claim period, regardless of the type of transport, is 2 years.

How to write a complaint?

None of the legislative acts contains requirements regarding the form and structure of the application. When writing it, you can only limit yourself to a statement of the circumstances and your requirements, and you can justify its requirements with the articles of the law. It all depends on the desire and education of the applicant.

In its most general form, a claim is an analog of a claim, that is, it contains the same structural elements:

– Document name;

– Descriptive part;

– Operative part;

– List of attached documents;

– Date and signature.

When to expect a response from Southwest Airlines?

The deadline for examining a claim by the airline is thirty (30) days from the receipt of the claim by the airline.

Complaints will not be accepted for review:

– Not containing the surname and first name of the applicant;

– Compiled in an offensive form and using profanity;

– Difficult to read;

– Repeat the statements that have already been answered.

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