Items prohibited on board Spirit Airlines flights: Items not to be carried in baggage

When you choose to travel by plane, you have to think about how to pack your bags. The problem is usually not with checked baggage, because almost anything can be carried there. The passenger has as much space and weight as he wants, and he puts what he wants there except objects which are considered dangerous by the airline company Spirit Airlines such as chemical and toxic substances, … these are objects which are prohibited in the baggage transported on board the American company’s aircraft, whether in the parts that are carried in the cabin, or those that go in the hold.

Here is an example of some items that cannot be accepted in the cabin, and which are thrown away by the agents during the security check at the airport:

– Spray paint aerosol

– Razors, unprotected blades, razors or blades.

– Beverages purchased before the security check in containers larger than 100 ml.

– Objects with pointed ends, such as clogs and ice cream skewers, wires and hooks, corkscrews, scissors with a blade longer than 2.3 inches, penknives, scalpels, darts, arrows, spiked umbrellas. Pins are subject to individual assessment during inspection.

– Pre-powered tools/parts

– Automatic opening knives, spring knives; knives with a blade longer than 6 cm, including those of a ceremonial nature

– Sharp-edged tools, such as drills; multi-tools

-Detonators, igniters and wicks; dynamite

– Pyrotechnics, including toys, such as hoods, fireworks, rockets and launchers, firecrackers, gunpowder, fake explosives; ignition.

– Large quantities of gas (oxygen, butane, propane), gas cylinders.

– Explosives: mines; pomegranates

– Flammable liquids such as gasoline; liquid fuel

– Simple matches and lighters

– Paint thinner, turpentine

– Tear gas, pepper spray, fire extinguishers

– Corrosive and bleaching materials; radioactive substances

– Infectious materials (contaminated substance) compressed gases

– Weapons, ammunition, handcuffs; different types of weapons used in martial arts

– Articles used for the slaughter of animals

– Walking and climbing poles, skate ski poles; crayfish; pole ice ax

– Axes and axes, cleaver


– Billiards, golf, snooker, hockey, baseball and cricket

– Diving without/with bottles

– Skateboards

– Oars

– Gas cylinders for curlers

– Steel cables, fastening straps
Some items are not prohibited; but their transport by plane is restricted by certain conditions:

– Lithium-ion batteries up to 160 Wh used for electronic devices a maximum of two spare batteries may be carried by a single person in carry-on baggage and with prior airline approval;

– E-liquid it is subject to the rules for bringing liquid on board an aircraft;

– Foods with a liquid or semi-liquid consistency – governed by the rules for liquids on board the aircraft;

– Foods with a solid consistency in accordance with customs regulations;

– Medicines necessary for health show separately when examining;

– Cosmetics with a liquid or semi-liquid consistency like mascara, liquids, creams, lotions, perfumes, deodorants, toothpastes, lip glosses, soaps, shower gels, … are subject to the rules on liquids on board the aircraft.

– Guide dog informing the carrier in advance is mandatory.

Carry liquid products in handbags

One of the most important restrictions regarding carry-on baggage on an airplane concerns the rules for carrying liquids.

In most cases, a total of one liter of liquid substances can be carried on board, provided they are contained in containers or bottles not exceeding 100 milliliters. Everything must be placed in a transparent bag and sealed. For this, bags with a zipper are used.

As a rule, during security checks, airport employees ask you to remove the liquid packet from your baggage and present it separately.

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