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The death of a loved one, a layoff, a new hire, an illness, or simply an unforeseen event, there are many reasons for you to cancel flights with United Airlines. And if you were well organized, it is very likely that you have already planned your round-trip plane ticket, your hotel accommodation, and perhaps even your activities on site. However, all this represents a significant sum of money. Fortunately, it is quite possible to be reimbursed for all of these costs thanks to travel cancellation insurance.

United Airlines collaborates with AIG Travel which accompanies you and meets all your needs on this guarantee.

As its name suggests, flight cancellation insurance covers the amount of advanced costs for air travel, in the event that you have to cancel your air travel. But beware, to benefit from this guarantee, the insured must meet the cancellation conditions provided for in the travel insurance contract. Thus, the simple fact of no longer wanting to go on a trip does not allow you to be reimbursed.

What is flight cancellation insurance?

Often included in your travel insurance and in premium credit card insurance, AIG Travel cancellation insurance allows you to obtain reimbursement of the costs incurred for a plane ticket booked with United Airlines, in the event of unforeseen circumstances preventing you from get to the airport and board the plane.

This warranty extension reimburses, for example, plane flights, seasonal rentals, excursions or complete stays provided that these activities or flights have already been paid for.

Travel cancellation insurance covers the sums already committed and/or the cancellation costs that may be billed to you. Cancellation fees are a percentage of the booking amount. This percentage generally increases as the flight date approaches.

Beyond the cancellation guarantee, it may be worth taking out comprehensive travel insurance. This covers the loss of luggage, repatriation insurance or hospitalization costs.

How to subscribe to the cancellation insurance?

As seen above, trip cancellation cover is generally included in travel insurance. It should, however, be known that the latter is limited in time. In this case, it will have to be activated to benefit from it in the event of an unforeseen event. Most insurers, including AIG Travel, require subscription within 48 hours of your reservation, with a maximum of 4 days before departure.

And if you do not have travel insurance, it is also possible to provide trip cancellation cover. This can then be taken out as a separate contract. Purchase flight cancellation insurance online with AIG Travel, or call the call center at this number: 800.826.52.48

You should know that certain conditions are often provided for in the contract:

– The stay must be booked with a professional (United Airlines);

– You must not have been hospitalized in the previous weeks or months;

– You do not have any medical contraindications (in particular high-risk pregnancy).

Credit card and reservation

In addition to the contracts with your insurance company, it is also possible to benefit from coverage in the event that you are forced to cancel a trip.

Indeed, some premium bank cards provide trip cancellation insurance. This is particularly the case with the Visa Premier, Mastercard Gold or American Express Gold card. However, the latter offer limited cancellation conditions.

Similarly, trip cancellation insurance is usually offered when purchasing a United Airlines plane ticket or if you go through a travel agency.

What are the reasons for canceling a United Airlines flight?

The reason justifying the cancellation must be beyond your control, sudden and unforeseeable. Thus, most insurance companies accept the following cancellation conditions:

– Accident or illness of the insured or one of his relatives;

– Death of a family member of the insured;

– Refusal of visa;

– Theft of identity document (within 48 hours before departure);

– Dismissal;

– Modification of leave paid by the employer;

– Natural disaster or attack at the place of destination;

– Complication of pregnancy;

– Water damage, fire or other disaster at the home of the insured.

Whatever the cause of the cancellation, the insured must provide proof of it.

Thus, if it is simply the fact of not wanting to go on vacation anymore, you will not get a refund. Similarly, transport strikes, canceled flights or overbookings are not always considered valid reasons. However, the airline is obliged to reimburse you within 7 days or to offer you the replacement of your flight.

Other conditions may be added depending on the insurance contracts. It is therefore advisable to check all the exclusions of guarantee provided.

What is the refund amount?

If you are unable to go on vacation despite all the costs incurred, you can file a claim and request reimbursement from your insurer. To do this, simply follow the procedure indicated, either by internet or by telephone, and send all the supporting documents. You don’t know who to contact or you don’t have time to take care of it? AIG Travel can take care of it for you.

After making your claim, you will be able to get compensation. This is generally capped at $5,000 or $8,000 per insured. And for an entire family, it’s $40,000.

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