Book a United Airlines flight ticket with the Economy Basic fare

United is therefore one of the first of the major airlines to roll out basic economy fares, and although these come with some major restrictions. Passengers do not have the option to change their flight or get free upgrades. United’s rotation on the basic economy is more generous than many of its competitors. The airline has always allowed carry-on baggage.

While there is no question that basic economy on United will still have restrictions, it is more generous than what other airlines are offering.

What is the basic economy rate?

In exchange for withdrawing certain services offered in standard economy class, the basic economy fare is the lowest fare offered by an airline for a flight. Generally, the fare includes only the ticket and excludes checked baggage, seat selection and the possibility of an upgrade. By choosing this rate, this is what you:

– Baggage: get one hand baggage and one personal item free of charge;

– Seat selection: seats are usually assigned automatically at check-in or at the gate,

–  Boarding: Passengers choosing this fare are last in Delta’s order of boarding.

–  Earning miles: Yes, you will earn Mileage Plus miles based on the cash prize of your fare – unless you have booked a basic economy award ticket using your miles.

–  Upgrades: not eligible for free upgrades. Even if you have the higher status of the loyalty program, you will not be able to benefit from upgrades.

–  Modification and cancellation of tickets: not allowed, except within 24 hours of booking. United Airlines is also improving its airport check-in processes: BASIC customers will need to check-in for their flights exclusively online. This will lead to a significant reduction in queues at airports, which saves its customers valuable time. Passengers with a BASIC Economy fare ticket who wish to continue checking in at the airport can flexibly book this option in advance as an additional service.

Basic Economy, a fare without checked baggage

The new fare offer launched by the US carrier includes a ticket without checked baggage.

Simpler, more flexible and more customizable, passengers will now have the choice between ECO BASIC, a fare without checked baggage, and Eco Plus, an all-inclusive offer ”. The hot meal remains included, the cabin baggage allowance is doubled and all tickets can be changed.

The Economy Basic fare is intended for passengers who want to control their budget by traveling light. It includes cabin baggage and a meal. All tickets, including promotional fares, become eligible for modification (with fees). For those who prefer “all inclusive”, the traditional offer becomes ECO PLUS and is enriched with new services. In addition to checked baggage, now weighing 23 kg for all destinations, the price also includes the preselection of a standard seat (window, central or aisle). The modification conditions are more advantageous and all tickets become refundable.

The introduction of these new offers allows the company to offer more competitive calling rates.

Travel habits have been disrupted in recent years and this new pricing policy is a response to the expectations of its passengers. The company now offers them the opportunity to further personalize their experience and create the trip that suits them. This underlying trend drives its entire innovation process.

What is the difference between the Basic Economy fare and the Standard Economy fare?

Replacing the standard economy fare as the cheapest option, this market segmentation strategy was initially introduced by some airlines in the early 2010s in the United States and later became commonplace in the industry. Often bearing English names such as Light or Grab and Go, this type of ticket is especially suitable for people wishing to travel light and not wishing to obtain special privileges.

Initially intended to help the big players to better compete on routes shared with low-cost carriers, the basic economy fare is now offered on the majority of flights. In other words, the base economy fare is the “low-cost” version of major carriers.

While the standard economy fare may include perks such as checked baggage, priority boarding, or the ability to upgrade, the base economy fare offers minimal service to keep costs as low as possible. Often offered à la carte, these services are however offered at an additional cost. It is therefore important to check the difference between base and standard rates if you anticipate needing one or more of these services.

What section of the aircraft are the basic economy seats in?

The basic economy class seats are in the same section as the seats for holders of standard economy class tickets. Basic economy passengers, on the other hand, will usually be the last to board the aircraft, and will not have priority for seat selection or the opportunity to upgrade.

What are the restrictions and additional costs for a basic economy class ticket?

As the restrictions and additional fees associated with a la carte services vary widely from company to company, it is strongly recommended that you make sure you understand your carrier’s baggage policy. In general, basic economy class tickets include one piece of hand baggage and one personal item, but several restrictions may apply depending on the carrier.

Seat selection with a Basic Economy ticket can be done when booking with an additional fee or free during check-in, but sometimes neither of these two options is available and the seat is determined by the airline company.

Offering less flexibility, the basic economy ticket is often non-refundable, and without the possibility of change or cancellation. These tickets are not eligible for a courtesy upgrade and chargeable upgrades are expensive and rarely available. For collectors of reward points, a basic economy class ticket is normally devoid of benefits or offers very little.

Does the basic economy rate represent an opportunity?

Basic economy class tickets can be a great way to save money, but especially to pay only for the services you really need. If the inability to cancel, make a change, get an upgrade, or accumulate rewards points and traveling light makes you feel more free, you should consider choosing that type of ticket. On the other hand, if you need checked baggage, choose your seat and priority boarding, it may become more advantageous to choose a standard economy ticket especially on long-haul trips.

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