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Direct flights from Cleveland

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Atlanta14 December 202217 December 2022Spirit AirlinesTickets from 51
Austin22 December 20222 January 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 448
Nashville17 January 202321 January 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 227
Boston11 January 202325 January 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 133
Baltimore15 December 202219 December 2022Southwest AirlinesTickets from 160
Chicago31 December 20222 January 2023United AirlinesTickets from 179
Charlotte31 December 20223 January 2023American AirlinesTickets from 321
Cancun6 December 20229 December 2022Frontier AirlinesTickets from 315
Denver12 May 202314 May 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 171
Dallas30 November 202214 December 2022American AirlinesTickets from 338
Dublin2 June 202316 June 2023Aer LingusTickets from 1 425
Fort Lauderdale12 December 202215 December 2022Frontier AirlinesTickets from 64
Fort Myers23 January 20232 February 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 76
Las Vegas4 December 20228 December 2022Spirit AirlinesTickets from 101
Los Angeles13 December 202214 December 2022Spirit AirlinesTickets from 128
Miami7 December 202213 December 2022Spirit AirlinesTickets from 73
Myrtle Beach28 April 20232 May 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 353
New York18 December 202220 December 2022United AirlinesTickets from 163
Orlando13 December 202219 December 2022Frontier AirlinesTickets from 62
Philadelphia6 January 20238 January 2023American AirlinesTickets from 491
Phoenix20 December 20224 January 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 182
Punta Cana31 January 20235 February 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 396
Houston26 January 202331 January 2023United AirlinesTickets from 209
Raleigh/Durham10 May 202313 May 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 67
San Antonio24 December 20225 January 2023United AirlinesTickets from 249
Seattle24 January 202328 January 2023Alaska AirlinesTickets from 199
San Francisco6 January 202314 January 2023United AirlinesTickets from 261
Sarasota4 March 202318 March 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 495
Saint Louis7 December 20227 December 2022Southwest AirlinesTickets from 431
Tampa8 December 202211 December 2022Spirit AirlinesTickets from 46
Washington17 December 202215 January 2023United AirlinesTickets from 166
Toronto6 January 202313 January 2023Air CanadaTickets from 511


Flights from Cleveland

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Tampa4 December 20226 December 2022Spirit AirlinesTickets from 889
San Juan11 May 202318 May 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 463
Orlando8 December 202212 December 2022American AirlinesTickets from 732
Las Vegas3 July 20237 July 2023American AirlinesTickets from 689
Miami15 December 202218 December 2022Spirit AirlinesTickets from 188
New York12 January 202316 January 2023United AirlinesTickets from 185
Dallas1 December 202215 December 2022Spirit AirlinesTickets from 287
Los Angeles27 April 20231 May 2023United AirlinesTickets from 343
Phoenix24 December 202229 December 2022Spirit AirlinesTickets from 500
Chicago15 December 202217 December 2022United AirlinesTickets from 148
Fort Lauderdale11 December 202214 December 2022Frontier AirlinesTickets from 122
Leon/Guanajuato2 January 20239 January 2023American AirlinesTickets from 1 431
Atlanta5 December 20226 December 2022United AirlinesTickets from 410
Cancun27 December 20222 January 2023AeromexicoTickets from 514
Fort Myers5 April 202315 April 2023American AirlinesTickets from 500
San Jose12 January 202316 January 2023United AirlinesTickets from 705
San Francisco10 January 202313 January 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 158
Cebu City1 February 202315 February 2023Singapore AirlinesTickets from 1 561
Istanbul2 July 20239 July 2023American AirlinesTickets from 1 103
Charlotte11 January 202321 January 2023American AirlinesTickets from 351
Washington22 December 202210 January 2023United AirlinesTickets from 195
Baghdad18 December 202215 January 2023American AirlinesTickets from 1 911
Sydney20 April 202325 April 2023Air CanadaTickets from 1 331
Manila4 January 202310 January 2023Alaska AirlinesTickets from 3 412
Sacramento6 December 202215 December 2022Spirit AirlinesTickets from 215
Mexico City11 January 202315 January 2023American AirlinesTickets from 453
New Orleans23 May 202328 May 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 507
Seattle5 June 20238 June 2023American AirlinesTickets from 623
Dubai10 December 202225 December 2022United AirlinesTickets from 1 932
Guadalajara21 December 20227 January 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 668


Cheap flights from Cleveland

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Orlando8 March 202313 March 2023Tickets from 131
Fort Myers1 March 20237 March 2023Tickets from 157
Las Vegas14 February 202316 February 2023Tickets from 164
Los Angeles23 January 202327 January 2023Tickets from 226
Chicago10 February 202312 February 2023Tickets from 227
Tampa8 April 202313 April 2023Tickets from 249
Sacramento1 March 20235 March 2023Tickets from 271
Ontario23 January 202327 January 2023Tickets from 348
Houston15 December 202221 December 2022Tickets from 358
Santa Barbara5 May 20237 May 2023Tickets from 540
Saint Thomas24 May 202328 May 2023Tickets from 625
Aguadilla26 December 20221 January 2023Tickets from 887

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