Swiss will continue to serve Washington in winter

For its upcoming winter season, Swiss Air has confirmed the continuation of its flight between Zurich and Dulles Airport in Washington, a route opened the previous year which will now offer five flights per week.

However, Washington DC is not the only American destination highlighted in Swiss’ extensive program for the winter. Indeed, this airline will also provide regular connections to New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco, strengthening its network on key routes in high demand by travelers.

For the cold season, Swiss’ long-distance flight program will encompass ninety-three destinations from its main hubs in Zurich and Geneva, twenty-three of which will be intercontinental routes. This choice clearly shows the desire of this operator to maintain a diversified global network and to meet the growing demand for international mobility.

This expansion of services is part of the airline industry’s recovery from the disruptions caused by the global pandemic. By maintaining and increasing the number of its connections to strategic destinations, the Swiss carrier is demonstrating its ability to adapt to changes in the travel market.

Travelers wishing to explore these destinations can now organize their stays for the winter, thus benefiting from the quality and reliability of the services offered by Swiss.

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