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Direct flights from Milwaukee

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Atlanta12 September 202319 September 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 225
Nashville10 June 202314 June 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 456
Boston7 June 202314 June 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 167
Baltimore20 June 202322 June 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 279
Chicago5 August 20239 August 2023United AirlinesTickets from 135
Charlotte20 July 202324 July 2023American AirlinesTickets from 346
Cancun29 December 202313 January 2024Sun Country AirlinesTickets from 472
Denver19 August 202326 August 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 97
Dallas19 July 202326 July 2023American AirlinesTickets from 303
Panama City2 June 202310 June 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 569
Fort Myers1 January 20247 January 2024Sun Country AirlinesTickets from 113
Las Vegas23 June 202326 June 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 145
Los Angeles16 August 202319 August 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 465
Miami11 November 202318 November 2023American AirlinesTickets from 528
Minneapolis16 June 202330 June 2023Sun Country AirlinesTickets from 113
New York5 August 202319 August 2023United AirlinesTickets from 157
Orlando3 July 202311 July 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 125
Philadelphia4 July 20238 July 2023American AirlinesTickets from 299
Phoenix15 February 202418 February 2024Sun Country AirlinesTickets from 153
Houston13 July 202317 July 2023United AirlinesTickets from 189
Seattle17 August 202321 August 2023Alaska AirlinesTickets from 576
Tampa2 September 20239 September 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 393


Flights from Milwaukee

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Las Vegas4 September 20237 September 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 186
San Juan31 August 20234 September 2023Delta Air LinesTickets from 351
Denver25 August 202329 August 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 158
New York16 June 202319 June 2023United AirlinesTickets from 210
Memphis18 August 202321 August 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 299
Dallas22 June 202324 June 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 191
Orlando10 August 202315 August 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 152
Atlanta13 July 202317 July 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 217
Raleigh/Durham16 June 202321 June 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 285
Little Rock30 June 20235 July 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 326
Boston3 June 20238 June 2023JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 181
San Antonio12 July 202317 July 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 260
Austin25 August 202327 August 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 332
Los Angeles2 June 20236 June 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 219
Norfolk26 October 202330 October 2023United AirlinesTickets from 342
San Francisco24 August 202326 August 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 300
Tampa6 June 202315 June 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 237
Amsterdam28 June 202312 July 2023United AirlinesTickets from 1 185
Cincinnati17 June 202319 June 2023American AirlinesTickets from 383
Honolulu17 October 202325 October 2023United AirlinesTickets from 624
Mobile21 July 202323 July 2023American AirlinesTickets from 431
Phoenix23 June 202326 June 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 257
Rochester1 June 20235 June 2023Frontier AirlinesTickets from 703
Santo Domingo21 August 202329 August 2023American AirlinesTickets from 412
Seattle21 August 202326 August 2023American AirlinesTickets from 248
Tokyo24 September 20238 October 2023American AirlinesTickets from 1 230
Fort Lauderdale30 July 20234 August 2023Southwest AirlinesTickets from 267
Jackson20 October 202323 October 2023American AirlinesTickets from 514
Lynchburg14 July 202322 July 2023American AirlinesTickets from 282
Manchester8 June 202310 June 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 340


Cheap flights from Milwaukee

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Orlando1 June 20234 June 2023Tickets from 181
Fort Lauderdale18 July 202322 July 2023Tickets from 292
Miami18 July 202322 July 2023Tickets from 298
New York6 June 202311 June 2023Tickets from 381
Montego Bay8 June 202312 June 2023Tickets from 504
Montreal12 June 202316 June 2023Tickets from 547
San Jose6 June 202311 June 2023Tickets from 581
Moscow3 June 20234 June 2023Tickets from 4 854

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