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Direct flights from Oakland

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Albuquerque26 October 20222 November 2022Tickets from 251
Atlanta28 September 202216 October 2022Tickets from 986
Austin3 November 20227 November 2022Tickets from 311
Leon/Guanajuato5 October 202214 October 2022Tickets from 314
Nashville31 October 20223 November 2022Tickets from 621
Chicago5 October 202219 October 2022Tickets from 288
Denver21 October 202225 October 2022Tickets from 105
Dallas9 December 202211 December 2022Tickets from 252
Eugene8 November 202212 November 2022Tickets from 137
Guadalajara30 January 20237 February 2023Tickets from 289
Honolulu15 January 202319 January 2023Tickets from 223
Kailua-Kona3 February 202310 February 2023Tickets from 370
Las Vegas3 October 20225 October 2022Tickets from 33
Los Angeles7 December 202210 December 2022Tickets from 46
Long Beach6 October 202211 October 2022Tickets from 145
Kauai Island25 October 20222 November 2022Tickets from 260
Mexico City24 October 20222 November 2022Tickets from 333
Kansas City21 December 20229 January 2023Tickets from 628
Morelia12 February 202319 February 2023Tickets from 365
New Orleans26 January 202329 January 2023Tickets from 430
New York12 October 202213 October 2022Tickets from 215
Kahului20 January 202327 January 2023Tickets from 259
Ontario12 October 202216 October 2022Tickets from 155
Orlando9 October 202218 October 2022Tickets from 778
Portland4 November 20228 November 2022Tickets from 163
Philadelphia11 October 202216 October 2022Tickets from 241
Phoenix29 October 202231 October 2022Tickets from 136
Palm Springs26 November 202229 November 2022Tickets from 146
Houston3 February 20236 February 2023Tickets from 299
Reno24 December 202227 December 2022Tickets from 155
San Diego18 October 202226 October 2022Tickets from 58
Santa Barbara17 November 202221 November 2022Tickets from 147
Seattle27 October 202229 October 2022Tickets from 125
Salt Lake City1 January 20238 January 2023Tickets from 217
Tampa26 December 202230 December 2022Tickets from 1 128
Washington1 December 20228 December 2022Tickets from 382



Cheap flights from Oakland

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Las Vegas5 October 20228 October 2022Tickets from 48
Los Angeles1 March 20237 March 2023Tickets from 111
San Diego28 September 202230 September 2022Tickets from 165
Dallas8 October 202212 October 2022Tickets from 181
Seattle4 November 20226 November 2022Tickets from 188
Nashville14 November 202215 November 2022Tickets from 211
Fort Lauderdale15 October 202217 October 2022Tickets from 236
New York10 November 202212 November 2022Tickets from 254
Baltimore16 November 202217 November 2022Tickets from 256
Austin5 October 20229 October 2022Tickets from 264
Honolulu6 November 202211 November 2022Tickets from 268
Detroit6 November 20227 November 2022Tickets from 292
Phoenix15 October 202217 October 2022Tickets from 309
Tampa3 November 20224 November 2022Tickets from 323
Miami2 March 20237 March 2023Tickets from 372
Chicago1 December 20227 December 2022Tickets from 397
Sacramento8 October 20229 October 2022Tickets from 423
Boston26 September 202227 September 2022Tickets from 538
Washington4 October 20227 October 2022Tickets from 587
Kauai Island25 November 202228 November 2022Tickets from 652
Tucson1 October 20224 October 2022Tickets from 981
Dubai12 October 202215 October 2022Tickets from 1 210
Reno7 October 20229 October 2022Tickets from 1 232
Cancun19 November 202225 November 2022Tickets from 1 536
Panama City23 November 202227 November 2022Tickets from 1 669
Moscow7 October 202210 October 2022Tickets from 5 107

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