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Direct flights from Shreveport

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Atlanta9 May 202412 May 2024Delta Air LinesTickets from 358
Charlotte4 May 20247 May 2024American AirlinesTickets from 322
Denver11 April 202414 April 2024United AirlinesTickets from 355
Dallas7 March 202411 March 2024American AirlinesTickets from 310
Houston28 March 202430 March 2024United AirlinesTickets from 169
Las Vegas29 March 20245 April 2024Allegiant AirTickets from 173


Flights from Shreveport

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Las Vegas8 March 202411 March 2024Allegiant AirTickets from 313
Nashville18 April 202421 April 2024American AirlinesTickets from 279
Los Angeles23 March 20241 April 2024Cobalt AirTickets from 430
Jacksonville16 May 202418 May 2024United AirlinesTickets from 248
London30 April 202411 May 2024United AirlinesTickets from 671
Baltimore26 March 20242 April 2024American AirlinesTickets from 265
Dallas7 March 202411 March 2024American AirlinesTickets from 310
Dublin10 April 202417 April 2024American AirlinesTickets from 766
Fort Lauderdale25 June 202427 June 2024United AirlinesTickets from 429
Phuket10 April 202417 April 2024Qatar AirwaysTickets from 2 205
Houston28 March 202430 March 2024United AirlinesTickets from 169
Orlando6 March 202411 March 2024Cobalt AirTickets from 250
Portland28 March 20242 April 2024United AirlinesTickets from 371
Raleigh/Durham5 April 20248 April 2024UIATickets from 350
Salt Lake City22 March 202429 March 2024United AirlinesTickets from 524
Atlanta26 July 202429 July 2024Cobalt AirTickets from 308
Aruba8 July 202413 July 2024American AirlinesTickets from 543
Bahrain4 March 20246 March 2024American AirlinesTickets from 1 549
Boston8 March 202410 March 2024American AirlinesTickets from 587
Buffalo17 June 202418 June 2024American AirlinesTickets from 408
Bucharest18 May 20244 June 2024United AirlinesTickets from 1 307
Chicago10 March 202413 March 2024United AirlinesTickets from 505
Cleveland18 June 202421 June 2024United AirlinesTickets from 323
Charlotte4 May 20247 May 2024United AirlinesTickets from 264
Daytona Beach20 March 202427 March 2024American AirlinesTickets from 299
Fayetteville16 March 202418 March 2024American AirlinesTickets from 463
Greensboro/High Point7 May 20248 May 2024American AirlinesTickets from 304
Guatemala City28 March 20247 April 2024American AirlinesTickets from 507
Honolulu6 March 202413 March 2024United AirlinesTickets from 941
Jakarta13 April 202420 April 2024American AirlinesTickets from 1 630


Booking flights from Shreveport, LA is a great way to travel through Louisiana and even the Gulf States. The closest airport to Shreveport, Louisiana is Port Sulkey International Airport. Port Sulkey is also the same airport as New Orleans International Airport is connected by a direct cascading road that will take you directly to Shreveport. By traveling this far from the city, you are sure to have a wonderful and relaxing vacation, whatever your vacation plan. Booking a flight to Shreveport, Louisiana is so easy that if you've never booked a flight online before, you absolutely must do so today.

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The next reason to use such a service for your air travel is that it can save you money. Booking your flight in advance through an online travel agency will cost less than if you were dealing with a regular travel agency. It can really help those on a budget who want to take a trip for the weekend or for an extended vacation. While shopping online, you might even find that you can get tickets for a lot less than what an agent would charge.