JFK Airport Address

Address: John F. Kennedy International Airport, Bldg #77, Jamaica, NY 11430
Address for GPS (Google, ...): JFK Airport, Van Wyck and JFK Expressway, Jamaica, NY 11430»
Mail address: John F. Kennedy International Airport, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Building 14, Jamaica, NY 11430
U.S. Customs and Border Protection: John F. Kennedy International Airport, Building 77, 2nd Floor, Executive Office, Jamaica, NY 11430, USA

Many people are confused when trying to find a good address at JFK Airport for their vacation. There are a lot of people who fly to New York every day from all over the world. It is the main airport responsible for transporting international passengers to other parts of New York or to other major cities in the United States. You will find that there are many different terminals at this airport and it can get very confusing when trying to find a good hotel or even a place to eat during your stay.


When you try to find a good hotel in New York, you will see that there are all kinds of different hotels around JFK Airport. Many of these hotels are very expensive, but some of them have very good customer service, as well as very nice rooms. Some of the best hotels include the Holiday Inn Express, the Comfort Suites by Wyandanch, and the Comfort Suites by Sheraton & Warren. All of these hotels have very good reviews, and many of them have rooms large enough to accommodate a small family on board.


There are also many restaurants in New York, and the best address near JFK Airport is Times Square. You will be able to find many of the same types of restaurants that you would find in any other part of New York City. Many of these restaurants offer special meals for children and the elderly, as well as gluten-free meals for those with special dietary needs. Most of the food is pretty good, and you can even find a few tables outside for people who just want to hang out while waiting for their flight. Times Square is a great place to visit when you're in New York City, and finding a good hotel is the easiest way to get there. If you are looking for a great hotel you can find one just around the corner at one of the many budget hotels in the area.

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