Cargo Airlines

On this page you will find the entire list of freight airlines in the United States of America. references all the data and contact details of cargo carriers to facilitate your research.

21 Air (2I-CSB)
Air Cargo Carriers (2Q-SNC)
AirNet Express (USC)
Air Transport International (8C-ATN)
Alaska Central Express (KO-AER)
Aloha Air Cargo (KH-AAH)
Alpine Air Express (5A-AIP)
Amazon Air (MZN)
Amerijet International (M6-AJT)
Ameristar Jet Charter (7Z-AJI)
Asia Pacific Airlines (P9-MGE)
Atlas Air (5Y-GTI)
Bemidji Airlines (CH-BMJ)
Castle Aviation (CSJ)
Corporate Air (CPT)
Delta Cargo (DL-DAL)
Empire Airlines (EM-CFS)
Everts Air Cargo (5V-VTS)
FedEx Express (FX-FDX)
Freight Runners Express (FRG)

IFL Group (IF-IFL)
Kalitta Air (K4-CKS)
Kalitta Charters (CB-KFS)
Lynden Air Cargo (L2-LYC)
Martinaire (MRA)
Merlin Airways (MEI)
Mid-Atlantic Freight (MDC)
Mountain Air Cargo (C2-MTN)
National Airlines (N8-NCR)
Northern Air Cargo (NC-NAC)
Polar Air Cargo (PO-PAC)
Royal Air Freight (RAX)
Ryan Air Services (7S-RYA)
Sky Lease Cargo (GG-KYE)
Skyway Enterprises (KI-SKZ)
Southern Air (9S-SOO)
Tepper Aviation ()
Transair (KH-MUI)
UPS Airlines (5X-UPS)
USA Jet Airlines (UJ-JUS)
West Air (PCM)
Western Global Airlines (KD-WGN)
Wiggins Airways (WG-WIG)