United Airlines further improves its seat selection service

In an innovative move to improve the travel experience, United Airlines is launching a revolutionary feature allowing its passengers to select their preferred seats, even if they are already taken.

Here’s how it works: Interested passengers simply need to open the United Airlines mobile app and navigate to the cabin map. There, they can choose their ideal seat, whether it’s near the window, in the middle, next to an emergency exit, or behind a partition. If the chosen seat is already reserved, it will be automatically allocated to the passenger if the original seat holder cancels their reservation.

This option adds to an already rich range of services offered by this airline via its mobile application, which is used daily by more than three million passengers. By placing customer satisfaction at the heart of its strategy, the American carrier continues to stand out in a competitive market, where the comfort and convenience offered to travelers are more priority than ever.

Download the United Airlines mobile app at:

Apple Store

Google Play

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