Covid19 Home test kit: Vending machines at Oakland Airport

To stem the spread of the coronavirus in the United States, Oakland airport is counting on the self-test. Travelers passing through can now use the building’s vending machines to purchase a screening device.

The two airport terminals have been equipped with specific machines that deliver saliva tests to users, for a unit price of 149 dollars. Designed by the company Wellness 4 Humanity, they should allow travelers to test themselves as soon as they arrive on American soil.

Buyers are encouraged to provide a saliva sample for analysis after shipment. According to the website of the company Wellness 4 Humanity, the results are available in 24 to 48 hours, via a dedicated application to download to a smartphone.

In a statement, the director of aviation at Oakland Airport, Bryant L. Francis, nevertheless specifies that this new test option does not call into question the established quarantine rules. Roberto Bernardo, the spokesperson for the structure, explains to CNN that these self-test dispensers “are intended for those who arrive at the airport” and “fear having been exposed to Covid during their travels. They can use these tests when they get home ”.

The solution is not valid for those who leave Oakland to reach another destination. They must be tested by their doctor at least three days before their flight.

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