LaGuardia Airport has a new terminal

LaGuardia airport located in New York will soon have a new terminal C, which will indeed be dedicated to the operations of Delta Air Lines whose investment cost will reach four billion dollars.

The American airport currently hosts DAL, considered the largest airline operator in the world, with 255 flights served per day, to sixty destinations.

Delta Air Lines’ investment cost in New York airports has reached seven billion dollars over the past twelve years. The American company operating the largest number of flights in the world wants to further improve the travel experience of its passengers departing from New York by acquiring this new airport sign.

Indeed, DAL has devoted more time to construction work on its new terminal over the past three years, particularly after the spread of the pandemic, taking advantage of the closure of American airspace with the majority of countries around the world, thus, the terminal giant opened its doors before the scheduled date for that. According to the American company, the work in this terminal will be completed within eighteen months.

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