Frontier Airlines strengthens its partnership with Aviabook

Frontier Airlines has decided to expand its partnership with Aviabook to improve the efficiency of its operations and pursue its environmental goals. With all crews already adequately trained and using the suite of applications available today, the next step should result in further operational improvements, with an expanded scope of applications.

Approved by the FAA, the Aviobook iPad application allows crews to benefit from an intuitive dashboard, offering them all the information required during the flight, including in particular the dispatch clearances which no longer have to be printed. at the doors. These new arrangements save the airline the need to print some 10 million pages per year, which also translates into thousands of liters of fuel saved. During the initial phase, Frontier Airlines was able to observe how Aviobook allows pilots to access the updated flight plan and the most recent meteorological data, thus helping to ensure the punctuality of departures and speeding up the resumption of operations in the event of a crash. incidents.

The positive feedback from users, together with the recognition of concrete operational benefits, led to the implementation of phase II. This new step will see the company provide pilots with tools allowing them to better manage the workload with the electronic flight bag (EFB), facilitate access to practical information relating to airport platforms, and improve communications in real time between the various actors and interveners concerned.

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