Boeing reveals number of aircraft orders and deliveries this month

Boeing recorded 37 gross orders last month, including five anonymous ones for the future freighter version of its 777X, and delivered 22 planes to airlines and leasing companies, including 20 from the 737 MAX family.

February 2022 marks a setback compared to January for the American aircraft manufacturer, still entangled in the problems of production of the 787 Dreamliners and finicky FAA certification for its re-engined single-aisle aircraft. On the order side, 18 737 MAX were purchased by Air Lease Corp. (ALC, which will lease 25 to Malaysia Airlines), and fourteen others by anonymous customers. Boeing also displays five orders for its future 777-8F, without detailing their buyer.

On the delivery side, twenty 737 MAXs have joined the fleets of 12 airlines and leasing companies (plus one unidentified customer), including six at Ryanair (737-8200) and two for Singapore Airlines. A 777F was handed over to DHL in the USA, and a 747-8F to UPS. Remember that deliveries of 787 Dreamliners have been suspended for six months, and almost interrupted for 16 months now.

Since the start of 2022, Boeing has recorded 114 gross orders (107 net orders after cancellations and conversions), and made 54 deliveries. Its backlog at the end of February after adjustments due to the ASC 606 standard has 4,375 aircraft, including 3,497 single-aisle, five 747, 106,767, 356,777 and 411,787.

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