Flight cancellations in the United States: Newark Liberty airport is among the most affected

The number of flight cancellations at US airports continues to rise. According to FlightAware, more than one hundred thousand scheduled flights from US airports have been suspended since the start of this year.

The airports recording the highest rate of flight cancellations are those located in New York, including Newark Liberty airport, which is on the list of the ten airports most affected by cancellations.
The disruption of air traffic in American airports is primarily due to the lack of pilots, but also to the lack of personnel at the airport, particularly in the air traffic control facilities.

However, the Federal Aviation Administration denies being the cause of these disturbances by declaring that the first cause being at the origin of these successive cancellations is the severe weather conditions and the overload of the flight programs offered by the air carriers.

Air passengers who are victims of flight cancellations are always invited to contact their air operators to benefit from alternative transport, or to obtain a refund.

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