Resumption of construction of the Mega Terminal on the New York JFK airport site

Work at New York Airport is expected to resume in a few weeks and the Mega Terminal is due to open in 2026.

The project will be funded by the private investors. Road and utilities will be built by the Port Authority. The work will begin in 2020. Governor Hochul says she wants people to travel to New York easily and quickly. She wants the state to have modernized transportation hubs.

JFK airport is the largest airport in New York City. It is located in Queens. During the Covid-19 crisis, JFK airport saw a drop in passengers due to the coronavirus outbreak. This caused delays in construction.

Governor Hochul has revealed the construction schedule for the new terminal. Construction begins next year. Thousands of jobs will be created.

The Mega Project estimated to cost US $ 9.5 billion will be built in four phases. A new port administration building will be constructed. The old terminals will be replaced by this new installation. This new building will include an arrival / departure hall and new doors.

The new terminal will open its doors within forty-eight months. There will be 23 new doors, as well as check-in halls, arrival areas, restaurants and outlets, lounges and a green space, …

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