Tahiti: Opening of tests at the airport for travelers to the United States

Installed in the lobby of Tahiti airport, a one-off screening center available only to travelers to the United States opened this Saturday, January 30. Nearly 200 American tourists were tested on the inaugural day.

The establishment of this center was decided by the authorities of the country to meet the requirements of the United States. Indeed, since January 26, all travelers must present a negative test to hope to set foot on the territory even for American citizens.

The latter were numerous for the first test session, this Saturday afternoon. Nearly 200 people, mostly American tourists, were tested on the inaugural day. Set up by ADT in collaboration with the ILM (Institut Louis Malardé) in Tahiti, it welcomes travelers to Los Angeles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Jean-Michel Ratron, General Manager of Tahiti Airport, explains the organization of this center.

Screening is done without an appointment but most tourists were informed at the last moment. This is the case with Samuel, a 30-something Californian who went on vacation to the islands. “It’s very practical but the problem is that we didn’t know, before coming here, whether we were going to be tested on site or go to a clinic. We lacked information but in this period uncertainties, I think that’s normal … You shouldn’t ask too much. “

Michael McGee is from Montana. While he doesn’t mind spending $ 200 on tests for his whole family, he doesn’t like to wait. “To meet the test deadlines, there would need to be centers on each island. We had to search for the information and we found it on the United website.” However, through this center, open exclusively to screen passengers bound for the United States, the authorities have done the best possible. Centralizing screening for international departures is an effective proposition according to Hervé Valet, director of the Louis Malardé Institute.

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