Chicago O’Hare Airport: Man had been living in hiding for three months

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, travel has become scarce. Airports, although they are more empty than usual, continue to accommodate the few people who move from one destination to another. Airports are a priori only a crossing point. It was without counting on this man who remained in one of them for three months, until last January 16.

On October 19, 2020, Aditya Singh, 36, boarded a plane from California to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. After landing, he walks towards the building. But instead of leaving it, he takes up residence there.

As he spends his days wandering around O’Hare, one of the nation’s largest airports, Aditya Singh manages not to stand out. He blends into the crowd and walks through the various aisles, sits in waiting rooms, washes in the toilets and eats in restaurants among travelers, pilots and airport employees.
Arrested after three months incognito

Saturday, January 16, two employees of the airline United Airlines approach Mr. Singh and ask him to present his papers. The man shows them an airport badge, which actually belonged to an operations manager. The latter could not get hold of his pass since October. Upon finding out, the employees call the police, who take the man into custody.

According to the prosecutor, Aditya Singh had not wanted to leave the airport on October 19 because he “was afraid to go home because of the Covid”. According to an agent employed by the airport, there is to date no rule specifying the length of time after which a passenger with a ticket must leave the premises. In addition, the Chicago Department of Aviation assures that the man posed no risk to the safety of the airport and the people there.

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