Alaska Airlines Miles: Change in Mileage Earnings & Fare Classes

Ahead of this, the airline has announced that some alterations will be made to mileage making and fare classes, but has not yet made all of the details clear. This is also to Alaska Airlines recently announcing changes to how status is earned in 2021, along with the introduction of a fresh 100K elite tier.

It has been demonstrated that Alaska Mileage Plan mileage earning rates and fare courses will probably be shifting at March 30, 2021, and that the details of those changes will likely be shared around February 23, 2021. As of now we just know that mileage earning prices for travel to Alaska Airlines will change, and there is no sign that mileage earning prices on partner airlines can shift.

For context, here’s the present Alaska Airlines mileage making graph:

We do not know the full details of these changes, Although the airline has shown the following:

– Conveniently booked to”F” class will convert to”J” class; these deliveries will move from earning 175% miles to earning 200% kilometers
– Conveniently booked to”P” class will convert to”D” course; these fares will go from getting 175% kilometers to making 150% kilometers
– Conveniently booked to”I” course will maintain that fare course; those deliveries will move from getting 175% miles to earning 150% miles

As you may see, mileage making rates are advancing for full fare first class, however, are being decreased for discounted first class. On balance I’d say that’s really a negative change for those looking to find a good value.

It has been seen how many more fare class changes we’ll see. It would appear that Alaska Mileage Plan will not be going earnings based for today, so at least that’s fantastic news.

Why are Alaska Airlines fare courses shifting?

Certainly these changes are being done for Alaska Airlines to better align with American Airlines and the oneworld alliance overall. It is a lot easier for airlines to sell tickets together when fare courses are aligned, especially when you think about the level of alliance being planned between Western and Alaska.

The changes we all know so far signify Alaska moving closer to American’s fare class structure, which creates a good deal of sense. By way of instance, American’s national first class fare classes align with business class, while Alaska’s national first class fare courses align with first course.

1 positive element of these changes is that Alaska Airlines first class award tickets will turn out to be substantially cheaper when redeeming British Airways Avios. You will no longer have to redeem the first class mileage amounts, but instead can redeem the company class mileage amounts, which is amazing.

For instance, a one-way Seattle to Los Angeles Alaska Airlines first category award will proceed from breaking 30,000 Avios, to costing 15,000 Avios.

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