Due to 5G, Alaska Airlines cancels several flights from Paine Field airport

After airlines warned that using 5G technology could interfere with critical avionics equipment, AT&T announced plans to delay its launch of commercial 5G services until next year. Airlines were warning of massive flight delays and disruptions.

A few weeks ago, AT&T andVerizonannounced that they would be delaying 5G wireless services near certain airports due to safety issues related to potential interference with airplane systems.

Officials at Paine Field airport in Everett say that Alaska has cancelled roughly 30 flights because of 5G interference.

Unfortunately, we’ve been forced to cancel our flight because of bad weather and 5G issues. Check your flight status with Alaska Airlines before leaving for SeaTac Airport this week. “This is not something we’re able to control, so we’re just as upset as you.”

On Tuesday, the airline was forced to cancel its flights because of bad weather conditions.

Due to continuing fog, there might not be another plane arriving at Seattle for the next two to three days.

When deployed within 2 miles of an airport, the new 5G C-Band interferes with critical aviation navigation systems used by pilots flying under difficult conditions (such as foggy skies). Because of these new regulations from the FAA, airlines were forced to change their routes for flights into Anchorage International Airport during winter months due to poor visibility caused by snowfall.

Both Boeing and Airbus planes have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for landing under conditions of poor weather. Some regional jet aircrafts have not yet been approved for use by airlines flying into these airports due to safety concerns related to their size and weight. These planes may be restricted from taking off if they cannot land safely because of weather conditions. It has caused flight disruptions, cancellations and diversions, according airline Alaska Air.

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