JetBlue serves Puerto Vallarta from New York JFK

The flight launched by jetBlue to Puerto Vallarta is now operational. The flight landed in Puerto Vallarta on Saturday. JetBlue plans to use both Airbus A320 and A 321 planes to serve the route.We are thrilled to welcome visitors to Puerto Vallarta thanks the new direct service from Jetblue.

Pushing back at 09:01 at JFK Airport, JetBlue Flight B6 2097 will arrive at Puerto Vallarta at 14:11. Departing Puerto Vallarta at 15.26, JetBlue flight B 6 2098 will arrive at JFK at 21:32. Searching JetBlue’s booking engine, there is a single cabin class Airbus A321 Neo flying the route for the rest of this month. Seats 200 Economy Class Passengers, JetBlue is offering $100 off the fare for Blue Basic, Blue, or Blue Extra Fares.

JetBlue has expanded its routes to Mexico by adding new destinations in Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. JetBlue also plans to open additional routes to the Mexican Pacific Coast. JetBlue’s expansion into Latin America comes after the carrier was acquired by Southwest Airlines last year.

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