Southern Airways Express buys twenty sea gliders from Regent

Southern Airways Express has just announced the purchase of 20 Regents Seagliders which are now operating on routes serving destinations on the US East Coast. These are devices that cost the American company $250 million.

The company has already signed contracts worth more than $200 million. The REGENT seaglieger is a breakthrough innovation in regional transportation. It unlocks tremendous operating efficiencies for the airline industry. Seagliders are powered by electricity, and are regulated by maritime authorities.  They carry people and cargo up to 180 miles per hour. Seagliders are vehicles that can be used to travel across land or sea. They can float on the water and fly over land. They use a lot of energy to move around. They can carry lots of cargo. They can go fast. They can stay close to the ground without getting stuck. Seagliders are very useful for delivering stuff to people.Southern Airways Express is an airline company based in Palm Beach, FL.

Founded in 2013, it currently serves nearly 40 cities across 5 US time zones. Its route map stretches from Nantucket to Oahu. Southern Airways Express, along with its Hawaii branch, Mokulele, flies over 220 peak day departures system wide.

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