Delta Airlines is recognized by Wall Street Journal

Two of the most important economic publications in the world coincided in distinguishing Delta Air Lines as the “Best American Airline”. The Wall Street Journal monitors a number of variants. In that analysis, Delta was second in 2020 and in this 2021, it was left with the first position. Punctuality, compliance, delays, involuntary dismissals and level of complaints, are some of the aspects analyzed.

In the case of Fortune, some 3,740 executives from various sectors express their opinion to end up choosing the most admired airline. In fact, those consulted pointed to the 10 most admired, with Delta being the first among the airlines.

Delta Airlines made remarkable progress in 2021 by overcoming the catastrophic effects of the pandemic on its revenues. Millions of flights have been canceled by the American company since the start of the spread of the pandemic, and hundreds of employees have lost their jobs as a result.

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