Nexus USA Traveler Program

Are you a citizen of the United States, a lawful permanent resident of the United States, a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a Mexican national?

Do you want to benefit from accelerated entry from Canada to the United States? The United States Customs and Border Protection Nexus Program from Trusted Traveler is for you!

To be able to benefit from its many advantages, just apply for this NEXUS program, by heading to, where you must create an account.

Be aware, however, that this authentication platform is shared by US government agencies.

Enrollment in the Nexus program:

To be able to join the Nexus program, and benefit from its various advantages, you must follow the following steps:
First: Submit the application online.
For NEXUS, you must have some documents to be able to apply for membership, which are:
• Proof of citizenship
• Proof that the person can enter the United States
• Permanent Resident Card (for a lawful permanent resident of the United States).
• A valid driver’s license
• Proof of current address

In addition to these documents, the candidate must also submit the following data:
• An email address (to create a account)
• A history of addresses for the last five years
• A history of jobs over the past five years
• A history of international travel over the past five years
• Legal documents (for any offense other than a traffic violation)
• Vehicle information (for the border between Mexico and the United States)
• Telephone numbers
• Documentation proving any other citizenship (if applicable)

Second: For $ 50 USD. Register then make an appointment
Where the candidate must go in person.
It is possible to reschedule or cancel an appointment by logging into the TTP website by selecting Reschedule Interview or Cancel Interview in the app. However, be aware that canceling an appointment could result in the cancellation of the request.

Third: Membership
Once accepted, the candidate will be able to use this program for 5 years.

The latter can find their membership number / PASSID on the back of the Trusted Traveler card (in the upper left corner) or by logging into their account.

The advantages of the Nexus program:

The Nexus program is reserved for applicants (citizens of the United States, lawful permanent residents of the United States, Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada or Mexican nationals) wishing to access the United States more easily, from Canada .

Once approved, subscribers to this Nexus program will benefit from the following benefits:
• Expedited entry of vehicles and pedestrians into the United States or Canada.
• Expedited sea entry to the US from Canada.
• Access to expedited security lanes in TSA Pre✓® airports in the United States and United States territories for US citizens, legal permanent residents of the United States, and Canadian citizens.

You can do this by entering the PASSID membership number in the known traveler number field when booking a flight.