USA FAST Trusted Traveler Program for truckers from Canada & Mexico

For truckers entering the United States from Canada or Mexico. Whether the latter are citizens of the United States or Canada, legal permanent residents of the United States or Canada, or Mexican nationals, they are entitled to receive the benefits that the Trusted Traveler Program’s FAST program (TTP ) proposes, if they are accepted to the latter.

Enrollment in the FAST program:

For only $ 50 USD, any person who is a citizen of the United States or Canada, resides in the United States or Canada or is a Mexican national, can apply to join the FAST program, by following the steps given below:

To get started: Submit your application online.
You must first go to the authentication site to create your account. (All information posted on this platform is shared by government agencies in the United States).

Then: register by making an appointment at one of the registration centers closest to you.
Note that it is imperative to go there to the appointment given in person, in order to be able to finalize your registration, by having the following documents with you:
• Proof of citizenship
• Proof that the person is authorized to enter the United States
• Permanent Resident Card (if the applicant is a lawful permanent resident of the United States).
• A valid driver’s license
• Proof of current address

By showing up for the meeting, the candidate must also provide the following information:
• An email address (to create a account)
• A history of addresses for the last five years
• A history of jobs over the past five years
• A history of international travel over the past five years
• Court documents (if he was guilty of an offense other than a traffic violation)
• Vehicle information (if this candidate intends to cross the border between Mexico and the United States)
• Telephone numbers
• Documentation proving any other citizenship (if applicable)

In the end: Membership
Once accepted into the FAST program, the candidate will have 5 years to take advantage of it. After this period, he can renew his subscription if he wishes.

If an applicant is approved for FAST North, it may not be necessary for them to apply for FAST South. However, if an applicant is approved for FAST South, they will need to reapply for FAST North to be processed by the FAST program in Canada.

The advantages of the FAST program:

Individuals approved for the Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) FAST, will be entitled to the following benefits when entering the United States from Canada or Mexico:

• Expedited customs processing for commercial carriers.
• The ability to use designated FAST lanes to move goods to the United States more quickly.
You should know that Fast North subscribers have access to these advantages at both borders (Canada / United States and Mexico / United States).

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