TSA Pre✓®

TSA Pre✓® is one of the Trusted Traveler programs that allows travelers to go through the fast track at US airports and at international border crossings.

This option, once approved, saves policyholders considerable time at the airport, and saves them the enormous stress it can cause.

How it works ?

Once the traveler is enrolled and approved for the TSA PreCheck® program, they will have a TSA Pre✓® indicator on their boarding pass issued by one of the participating airlines, from which they booked their flight ticket.

In addition to the indicator, its TSA PreCheck® eligibility will also be embedded in the barcode of the boarding pass. Thus, once their boarding pass has been scanned at the checkpoint, the TSA agent will direct them to the TSA PreCheck® queue. Otherwise, the latter will in no case be able to access the TSA PreCheck® channel and benefit from its many advantages.

Subscription to the TSA Pre✓ program:

All TSA Pre program applicants are reviewed to ensure their eligibility for this option. However, once approved, they can benefit from their memberships for 5 years.

So, to subscribe to this TSA Pre ✓ program, just follow the following steps:

First step:

Go to TSA’s website, https://www.tsa.gov/precheck, to submit your application online with just a few clicks, so that you can make an appointment at one of the program’s registration centers.. Find an enrollment center.

Please note that membership in the TSA PreCheck® application program is only open to US citizens, US nationals and legal permanent residents.

Second step:

Attend the appointment in person, providing: fingerprints, citizenship and identity documents (birth certificate or passport or permanent resident card).

Third step:

Payment of the $ 85 registration fee, either with: credit card, debit card, money order, business check or certified / cashier’s check.

This award is used to cover: thorough background checks, fingerprinting, identity verification and other program administrative costs.

Until then, TSA PreCheck® is priced at $ 85. That said, once operational, each registration provider will be allowed to set their own prices for that service. In contrast, the fees provided to TSA to perform candidate verification and assessment remain the same for all registration providers.

Fourth step:

It should be noted that once the application has been made to TSA Pre✓®, the candidate will receive a written notice within two to three weeks of the given appointment. Several people are approved several days after having made the appointment in person. Therefore, it is advisable to check your online status regularly.

That said, sometimes TSA may submit a request to the FBI for a thorough verification of the candidate’s data, which requires an additional two to four weeks. As a result, it is possible that the processing time for this file will be longer.

Note that the most frequent reasons for the refusal of candidates are:
• Incomplete or false application information,
• Violations of transport safety regulations or infractions and penal disqualifying factors. These include security-related offenses at an airport, on board an aircraft, in a seaport, in relation to air cargo, and other regulatory violations.

Once membership in the TSA Pre✓ program is approved, the subscriber will finally be able to enjoy the benefits that this can bring him, for a period of 5 years.

To do it, nothing could be simpler! Just add their known traveler number to their ticket reservations. However, make sure that the name on the airline reservation is the same as the name provided on the TSA Pre✓ membership application.

The benefits of the TSA Pre✓ Program:

Anyone accepted into the TSA Pre✓ program can enjoy the following benefits:
• Expedited security screening for flights departing from US airports.
• No need to take off your shoes, laptop, 3-1-1 fluids, belts or light jacket,… when passing through control.
• There is no age limit to apply for TSA PreCheck®. However, children under 12 can accompany a parent / guardian in the TSA Pre✓® program.
• Take advantage of the benefits offered by participating airlines at more than 200 US airports.

Members of the TSA Pre✓® program do not have a password. To access their accounts, they must go through: https://universalenroll.dhs.gov/programs/precheck.

Members of the TSA Pre✓® program, can find their known traveler numbers or their Trusted Traveler membership numbers, by clicking on: https://universalenroll.dhs.gov/workflows?workflow=service-status&servicecode=11115V

TSA Pre ✓® members can keep the same KTN during the renewal process, provided they do so within one year of their membership expiration. This is because after that the person will have to apply as a new candidate and will receive a new KTN if approved.

List of airlines participating in the TSA Pre✓® program:

The following airlines subscribe to the TSA Pre✓ program.


Air Canada

Air France

Air India

Air Serbia

Alaska Airlines


All Nippon Airways

Allegiant Air

American Airlines

Aruba Airlines

Asiana Airlines

Austrian Airlines


Azul Airlines

Boutique Airlines

British Airways

Brussels Airlines

Cape Air

Cathay Pacific Airways

China Airlines

Condor Airlines

Contour Aviation

Copa Airlines

Delta Air Lines

Eastern Airlines

Edelweiss Air

Elite Airways


Etihad Airways




Frontier Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines


InterCaribbean Airways


Japan Airlines

JetBlue Airways

Key Lime Air

KLM Royal

Dutch Airlines

Korean Air


Miami Air International

Norwegian Air

PAL Express

Philippine Airlines

Porter Airlines


Qatar Airways

Scandinavian Airlines

Seaborne Airlines

Silver Airways

Singapore Airlines

Southern Airways Express

Southwest Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Sun Country Airlines


Sunwing Airlines

Swift Air

Swiss International Air Lines


TAP Air Portugal

Turkish Airlines

United Airlines

Virgin Atlantic




World Atlantic

Xtra Airways




Contact :

If you have any questions about the current TSA PreCheck® registration or renewal, please contact Customer Service as follows:
• Phone :
855-347-8371 (Weekdays, between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.).
• Email: TSA-ContactCenter@tsa.dhs.gov
• Contact form: https://www.tsa.gov/contact-center/form/information

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