Denver Airport records the highest number of firearm seizures in the United States

Law enforcement across the state began increasing gun seizures at Denver International Airport last December. During street checks, the TSA seized 141 firearms from the DIA. It was the sixth largest of all US airports.

Denver’s previous high temperature was 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Travelers bringing guns in their carry-on luggage are nothing new and it has reached an unacceptable level of negligence on the part of gun owners. Simply put, one gun in a carry-on is one too many. We urge all gun owners to take a few minutes to read about how to travel with guns and how important it is to be aware of everything you are carrying in your hand luggage. before coming to the airport. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport tops the list with 507 weapons seized. It was closely followed by Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (317), Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (245), Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (196), and Nashville International Airport (163).

People are traveling more than ever. Firearm seizures are on the rise due to more people flying. A weapon must be unloaded; packaged in an unlocked and registered hard case. If you leave your gun in hand luggage, you risk being arrested or losing your TSP card.

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