Alaska Airlines improves its upgrade offer

Waiting list priority plays an important role, especially in the US, as first class upgrades are coveted and equally popular. Accordingly, Alaska Airlines is making three changes.

In the United States, TV screens not only play a major role as a hobby, they can also be found at almost every airport gate. It also has to do with them providing useful information. Probably the biggest representation is the waiting list for first class upgrades. These are always granted to statutory members. However, as demand is high, Alaska Airlines has decided to make three major changes, reports TPG.

While Alaska Airlines is still a regional airline in the United States, it has become more globally relevant by joining the oneworld alliance. The airline is also one of the most popular in the United States. To keep it that way, Alaska Airlines has introduced three new features for the upgrade process. The most important change is the overview of possible upgrades.

From now on, all passengers eligible for an upgrade will be displayed on a single screen with the corresponding priority. It is essential whether these passengers are already registered or not. This should give other passengers more certainty about the chances of an upgrade from economy to first class.

The second innovation stems directly from this. Because possible travel companions are also assigned to the respective frequent flyers with their upgrades. It also gives frequent flyers more certainty about the chances of a joint upgrade. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan status levels are MVP, MVP Gold, and MVP Gold 75K. Frequent flyers with MVP Gold status or above can also upgrade a companion for free as long as they are traveling on the same flight, same reservation and same booking class.

Companions thus enjoy the same waitlist priority as statutory members themselves. With the third change, Alaska Airlines intends to continue this priority and issue upgrades more fairly.

Because the priority of the waiting list should be fairer, especially for the day of departure and, for example, better prioritize reservations that are only made on the day of departure. Because these members also receive the same priority sorted by status level, booking class and request time. It therefore does not matter whether a reservation is made between 24 hours and 60 minutes before departure or one day before. Previously, new reservations or reservation changes between 24 hours and 60 minutes were only prioritized based on status level and check-in time, but not based on the booking class itself. No other changes are made. This applies to both Alaska MileagePlan Senior Members and American Airlines AAdvantage,

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