Gunman killed by police at San Fransico airport

Police shoot and kill a gunman at the airport in San Francisco, Calif. armed at San Francisco International Airport Thursday morning. Spokesman Doug Yakel said in a statement that officers responded to reports of an armed individual at the rapid transit station near the airport’s international terminal and confirmed the man had two fire arms . Media outlets including the Los Angeles Times, CBS Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Chronicle reported that police responded to a call at the airport’s international terminal around 7:30 a.m. after receiving reports of a gunman of two pistols at the entrance to the airport. BART station.

Yakel said an airport employee was the first to notice the person was acting suspiciously and alerted authorities. According to Yakel, officers “attempted to defuse the situation, but the suspect continued to display threatening behavior.”

Police used an unspecified non-lethal measure against the suspect, but he continued to advance and officers “fired to neutralize the threat”.

Local media reported that the suspect died of his injuries. Another unidentified person was lightly injured in the incident and was taken to a local hospital. BART services were temporarily suspended and passengers were diverted from the affected area. BART officials reopened the airport station at 8:45 a.m., according to an update on Twitter.

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