SkyWest Airlines strengthens its fleet with several Embraer jets

SkyWest Airlines is the largest regional airline in the US and one of the largest in the world, operating for all four major US traditional carriers: American, Alaska, Delta and United. In all of these four companies, it uses Brazilian Embraer jets, mainly the E175 model, of which it has 211 units in its fleet.

According to a recent announcement, this number will increase by more than 10% this year, with the arrival of 28 new jets, according to the company revealed during last year’s earnings release. The planes will be delivered with a capacity of 76 passengers, the limit allowed by the pilots’ union agreement with the major airlines.

There will be two new aircraft for American Eagle in the first quarter, which will join the 18 delivered late last year, for a total of 20 aircraft entering service in 2022.

For Delta Connection, there will be 16 new E175 jets and all will be delivered this year to replace the competitor Bombardier CRJ-900.

With Alaska Airlines, the contract provides for 10 jets delivered in 2022, and one more guaranteed for the first half of 2023. There is no expected arrival of new planes for United Express.

All these planes that will be delivered this year are valued at US$1.39 billion (R$7.44 billion) at list prices. The E175-E1 remains the most sold and manufactured commercial aircraft in the Southern Hemisphere.

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