New York JFK Airport: Flights may experience storms due to 5G

Poor weather conditions have led to flight delays throughout the East Coast. The airport terminals are packed with people waiting for flights. Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight before leaving the terminal.

The FAA is advising travelers to check the status of flights before leaving home. Poor weather conditions may cause flight delays or cancellations due to low visibility.

The FAA has decided to ban flights over certain areas due to the fact that there may be interference with the 5G network. These locations include New York’s LaGuardian Airport and JFK Airport; Newark Liberty International Airport and Teterboro Airport in New Jersey; Boston Logan Airport; Hartford, Connecticut; Philadelphia International Airport; Baltimore/Washington Airports; San Francisco International Airport; and Oakland International Airport.

Most planes are now safe to fly because they aren’t affected by 5G interference. Regional jets are still being restricted from flying over certain areas.

Low visibility landings can’t be done when there are 5G signals around. Airports were affected by the new technology on Wednesday.

A huge number of planes are flying without an altimeter. This means that pilots may be flying into danger because they don’t know how high they are above the ground. This could lead to accidents.

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