JetBlue launches direct flights from New York to Vancouver

JetBlue made its first flight to Vacncouver last Thursday. The flight was served from New York JFK airport. The American company will land at a regular rate at the airport of the Canadian city. Its A320 family aircraft takes off every day at 6:59 p.m. and lands in Vancouver at 10:26 p.m.

The return flight will leave Canada one hour after the plane lands.

It is expected that the prices of plane tickets now offered by JetBlue Airways to travel on this airline will be exceptional, in particular that this destination is the first to be served by Jet Blue in the North American country. The American air carrier plans to offer connections to several other Canadian cities from Vancouver.

JetBlue’s flight network continues to grow. The American company serves more than one hundred and ten cities from the United States.

Passengers of the airline based at Forest Hills Airport can for the first time take non-stop flights between New York and Vancouver.

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