Traveling with an animal by plane: Spirit Airlines conditions

The possibility of comfortable and carefree travel by plane worries many pet owners. All kinds of weight restrictions, numerous certificates from veterinary clinics and certain carrier dimensions are things that every passenger with a pet has to deal with. Each year, the American airline relaxes the requirements and tries to simplify this type of trip.

If you are planning a trip with your pet, you will need to make a reservation 48 hours before the flight, and complete the United States Department of Transportation DOT’s form for transporting pets or emotional support animals.

Any transport of birds and animals is carried out after prior agreement with the airline Spirit Airlines, since in the case of a pet in the luggage compartment, it is necessary that it be heated. The information of each airline about the carriage of an animal must take place at least six hours before the planned flight, otherwise the airline may refuse the carriage.

Additionally, for Spirit Airlines, there are restrictions on the maximum number of pets carried on board an aircraft and the number of pets per person. This information should be clarified at your airline’s call center.

With the low-cost American company, it is possible to travel with domestic dogs and cats, small birds and domestic rabbits as well. Dogs of potentially dangerous breeds are only transported in the baggage hold in reinforced cages. You can find out about the list of different breeds of dogs accepted in the cabin by contacting Spirit Airlines customer service, by calling it at 8557.283.555. It is also possible to send a short SMS message to a customer advisor at this number 48763.

Traveling with animals: What documents are required and required?

For flights within the country, you no longer need to pass the veterinary check at the airport. In this case, you must have a pet passport with markings on vaccinations and parasite treatment.

Spirit Airlines does not accept animals less than eight weeks old on the day of flight. Also, their weight (combined with the transport cage), must be less than or equal to 40 pounds, Knowing that the dimensions of the age must have the following maximum measurements: 18 ” x 14″ x 9 “.

What documents are needed to travel with a pet on a Spirit Airlines operated flight?

When moving an animal to the territory of the United States Federation, a veterinary passport is required, and it must contain:

– The name of the person transporting the animal must be indicated as the owner;

– Having an up-to-date rabies vaccination is a requirement.

– A note relating to the clinical examination of the animal by the State veterinarian. A visit to the veterinarian must take place no earlier than two weeks before the departure date

– If you buy a ticket for the transport of an animal on the next seat, the animal, as a real traveler, is entitled to its own ticket. Saver Club miles are accumulated in the owner’s account.

If your pet’s passport does not contain a column for a note on the clinical examination of the veterinarian, a certificate from the state veterinary clinic may be presented as a document confirming the clinical examination of the animal.

To travel abroad, an animal must have an international veterinary passport or an accompanying veterinary document. The type of document depends on the requirements of the legislation of the country of entry and the type of animal. An international passport is valid for 90 days, but keep in mind that it must remain valid while leaving a foreign country.

The requirements for transporting animals and the required set of documents differ depending on the country of entry. For most countries, the animal must be provided with a microchip to facilitate its identification at the airport.

A few tips to make it easier for an animal to travel by plane

It is very important to treat the preparation of the animal before the trip responsibly and to start it in advance.

To make your pet feel comfortable in the transport crate, let it become familiar with it before the flight. Put the cage at home, put your pet’s favorite blanket in it and put toys in it. Familiar things will make it clear that the carrier is a safe place and the animal will get used to it.

Feed the animal no later than four hours before the trip. Water must be available to the animal at all times, even in flight. Do not give your pet sedatives if they are not prescribed by a doctor, as an unforeseen reaction of the body to the drugs may begin. A week before the planned trip, you can give your cat or dog mild sedatives with a natural composition of sedative herbs. Consult your veterinarian before use.

Before leaving for the airport, be sure to walk the animal. It is desirable that the walk be long and active.

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