Request a refund of flight ticket from Spirit Airlines

The procedure for refunding a Spirit Airlines flight ticket is a procedure for canceling a purchase, which is carried out in accordance with the rules of the airline’s service.

Canceled flights and grounded planes? For several reasons, your flight may not take place, whether for an event that occurs at the last minute, related to the passenger or the airline.

The possibility of returning an air ticket, as well as its conditions, depends above all on the specific situation in which the passenger finds himself. What matters is the type of return, forced or voluntary. It is widely accepted that a ticket purchased at a non-refundable fare cannot be refunded.

Travelers have the option of getting money back for unused tickets faster if it’s an issue with the airline. On the other hand, if they cancel their flight for personal reasons, in this case, they can be reimbursed for their plane tickets, but under conditions.

The passenger is entitled to a full refund of the amount of his plane ticket if his request is made more than sixty days before departure, or less than 24 hours after the issue of his plane ticket.

Deadline for claiming a refund from the airline

By filing your refund request, it will be processed within 7 to 21 days. If the passenger does not receive their money when this deadline has passed, they must file a complaint with Spirit Airlines customer service. And for this it has the following contact solutions:

– Phone: 855-728-3555

– SMS: 48763

– Electronic form

The passenger can also start a conversation on the chat during which he can ask questions to a Spirit

Airlines agent who provides him with reliable answers helping him to resolve his conflict with the air carrier.

In this case, it is worth getting acquainted with the rules established by the carrier itself. At Spirit Airlines, the refund request can be made free of charge no later than 24 hours after its initial reservation.

In other cases, the passenger can be reimbursed for his plane ticket without paying the least expense by justifying that he was the victim of a significant inconvenience which may be an illness (of himself) or of a member of his family. or a close relative traveling with him on an airplane. This fact must of course be confirmed by medical documents); It can also be the death of a member of his family or a close relative, and this fact must also be proven and documented.

In case of involuntary denial of boarding of a passenger, Spirit Airlines owes him a full refund of the amount of his plane ticket. This case can be:

– Flight cancellation or delay;

– Changes by carrier’s itinerary;

– Failed departure of the passenger due to the impossibility of providing him with a seat on the flight and the date indicated on the ticket (due to overbooking for example);

– Failure to transport a passenger on board an aircraft, caused by his delay at the airport due to the duration of the inspection, despite the fact that he did not find prohibited substances and objects.

It should be noted that the medical documents must indicate that the sick passenger has contraindications to the flight on the date of departure from the aircraft.

Another important condition is that Spirit Airlines must be notified of your refusal before the end of the passenger check-in time for the flight. The remaining cases are recognized as voluntary refusal, the possibility of exchange and return of a ticket in which, as well as the amount of the refunded amount depends on a number of circumstances.

The flight may be delayed or canceled for various reasons, including those depending on Spirit Airlines: Technical reasons, lack of aircraft, crew, schedule changes, not related to force majeure, … as well as force majeure.

The influence of force majeure circumstances (bad weather/strike, natural disaster, epidemic, etc.) must be proven by the American airline. In this case, it is not obliged to pay compensation to the passengers, but is obliged to carry out the transport and service at the airport, or to reimburse the total cost of the ticket if the passenger refuses the transport.

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