Flight cancellation: Spirit Airlines gives you more flexibility to travel

Want to cancel a recently booked flight with Spirit Airlines? Sometimes it’s not that easy. Traveling by plane is a wonderful thing, however, sometimes the travel plan put in place by the passenger changes at the last minute, and for various reasons, he will need to cancel his flight reservation.

Anyone who cannot complete a planned trip for private reasons, for example due to sudden illness or advanced pregnancy, should take care to cancel the flight.

In many cases, those who cancel on time are entitled to a refund of fees. For any passenger who wishes to cancel his flight reservation, he must take into account a few elements and know your rights as a passenger.

With Spirit Airlines’ online booking service, airline tickets can be booked in minutes, but also can be canceled with just a few clicks.

Cancel a flight ticket issued by Spirit Airlines

Anyone who wants to cancel a flight cancels it and does not receive a new ticket. The passenger contacts Spirit Airlines and informs their customer service that they will not be taking the flight on the reserved date and do not wish to book a new flight at this time. In this case, the airline knows in good time that the passenger will not come and can reallocate the seat. Most of the ticket price will be refunded.

Passengers wishing to cancel their flights should note that the airline has its own conditions regarding the cancellation of flight tickets.

As a general rule, if you have purchased a plane ticket from the American company, you will be able to refund the amount if you meet certain conditions. But first, how do you cancel a Spirit Airlines flight reservation?

As it allows you to book your flight online, the American company also offers you the possibility of canceling it online.

In order to cancel your reservation online, simply log in to the site and access Manage My Booking. Simply select the booked flight and then cancel it with a single click.

Once the operation is complete, the passenger receives a message confirming that the process of canceling their flight has been completed.

Flight ticket refund rule after flight cancellation

Spirit Airlines’ air regulations provide for a refund for passengers who cancel their plane ticket less than 24 hours after booking. The passenger can also receive a full refund if their flight is canceled more than sixty days (60) before the day of departure.

Passengers are entitled to a full refund of their flight tickets in the event of:

– Illness of the passenger;

– Illness of a family member or close relative of a passenger who was to fly on the same aircraft;

– Death of a family member or close relative of the passenger.

The law includes spouses, parents and children because family members, grandfathers, grandmothers and grandchildren, brothers and half-sisters are considered close relatives.
The presence of the disease must be confirmed by a medical certificate. The death of a parent or family member is confirmed by a death certificate.

In all other cases, there are fees related to the cancellation of the air ticket, which must be paid by the passenger, the amount of which increases as the day of departure approaches. The passenger must pay the costs of:

– $49 (from 59 to 7 days before departure)

– $79 (3 to 6 days before the flight)

– $99 (48 hours or less before the flight)

Involuntary flight cancellation

This can happen when the flight is canceled by Spirit Airlines for any reason: technical breakdowns, weather conditions, strike of pilots or PNC, overbooking, …

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