Things to know for traveling on a Spirit Airlines plane with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The United States airline must ensure that this device (Oxygen Concentrator) is transported safely. So you have to follow your safety rules. And the most important thing is to contact their customer service in advance (at least 48h before departure time). This requires calling 855.7283.555.

What to do when booking the ticket?

It is especially necessary to find out about the progress of the flight: preferably non-stop or, in the event of a change of plane, find out about the transfer conditions (waiting time, accessibility in the airport, …).

You should also find out about the accessibility of the departure and arrival airports, and have on hand the brand and type of your portable concentrator and the oxygen prescription (a signed medical prescription).

Here are the brands of POC authorized and approved by Spirit Airlines: FAA Approved POC List; AirSep Focus; Inogen One G3; Precision Medical EasyPulse; AirSep FreeStyle; Inova Labs LifeChoice; Respironics EverGo; AirSep FreeStyle 5; Inova Labs LifeChoice Activox; Respironics SimplyGo; AirSep LifeStyle; International Biophysics LifeChoice; SeQual Eclipse; Delphi RS-00400; Invacare Solo2; SeQual eQuinox Oxygen System (model 4000); DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo; Invacare XPO2; SeQual Oxywell Oxygen; System (model 4000); Inogen One; Oxlife Independence Oxygen Concentrator; SeQual SAROS; Inogen One G2; Oxus RS-00400 and VBox Trooper Oxygen Concentrator.

It is important to note that the marks indicated above are the only ones that are accepted by Spirit Airlines in the event that the passenger wants to use it on the plane. Alternatively, it is possible to carry a portable oxygen concentrator from other brands on board Spirit Airlines flights.
Another requirement for passengers traveling with a POC is that the device must use non-returnable batteries.

When booking their plane ticket by telephone, the passenger must indicate their need for oxygen and the desired use of their device during the flight.

If the device to be used during the flight is not known to the airline concerned, plan to provide technical information to Spirit Airlines to identify it and therefore obtain authorization for its use during the flight.

You should also plan to have the MEDIF form completed by your attending physician or pulmonologist. This document given at the time of booking is compulsory in the event of special transport conditions: oxygen, wheelchair, etc. It is intended for the doctor of the airline company who must give prior agreement. This document must also include all the information on the chosen flight Choose your seat if possible: near the toilets, the entrance/exit door, the corridor, …

It is advisable to request support in a wheelchair with possible ambulation, so as to be registered in WCHS; travel and procedures in the airport are thus greatly facilitated and carried out without fatigue. Check-in must be done at the airport, and at this time,

Spirit Airlines must pay attention to the distance to be traveled between the entrance and the check-in counter. At some airports, wheelchair pick-up is possible as soon as you arrive.

Upon arriving at the boarding hall, the passenger must find a place near the boarding gate where he can sit and plug his concentrator into an electrical outlet using his mains power supply.

When boarding the aircraft, your portable oxygen concentrator must be stored under your seat, the dimensions of which must be less than or equal to 46″: 18Lx16Wx12H.

You can use your POC throughout the flight. Pay attention to its proper functioning. You must watch the battery life and be attentive to any audible alarms that are not always audible during flight.

You must plan to have the additional battery close to you so that the battery life allows you to cover the entire flight time. It is generally allowed to have two additional batteries in hand luggage for the same person.

When traveling with two or more people, another person can therefore possibly take charge of two other batteries if necessary, …

It is easy to move around on the plane with your POC, especially if it is placed on a wheeled trolley. Trips to the toilet will preferably be done under oxygen.

Please note, if you experience a technical malfunction with your device, you must notify the on-board staff immediately. Small emergency oxygen cylinders are generally available on board and can only be used in the event of a serious incident.

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