Traveling and taking a flight served by Spirit Airlines as a group

Traveling in a group can only be beneficial for all passengers, ranging from the anecdotal to the economical. For any traveler who is about to venture on such a journey, he must be prepared to enjoy advantages and situations that cannot be experienced while traveling alone.

Traveling with a group of people who only want one thing during their vacation: to enjoy carefree beautiful surroundings, wonderful weather and tasty food and drink. These are the ingredients of group air travel. Spirit Airlines offers exclusive offers for taking its flights in groups of ten or more people.

Booking a Spirit Airlines flight as a group allows you to take advantage of exclusive prices and several other advantages.

A unique guided air vacation filled with cultural, historical, architectural and culinary highlights.

Book a Spirit Airlines plane ticket for group travel: Request a quote online

Here are some reasons that may convince you to book your flight with the American Low Cost airline:

– Possibility to reserve seats for ten or more people without the need to make full payment of the reservation (For trips of two months or more).

– Change the name of a passenger, correct it or modify it free of charge, even thirty days before the flight.

After submitting his quote online, the group leader will receive a response within 48 hours on which the airline informs him of the availability of seats, the day of departure, …

When booking a plane ticket to fly in a group with Spirit Airlines, the passengers concerned must fulfill the following conditions:

– Pay a fee of $5 / passenger, intended to confirm the seat reservation (Non Refundable)

– Each passenger in the group must make a payment of $40 within seven days of booking, and will be exempt from the full amount to be paid before departure.

– Spirit Airlines requires payment to be made with one mode and one method.

– For any change or rectification of name made less than thirty days before departure, a fee of $50 is applied by the airline.

– There is no possibility to cancel an individual reservation after confirmation of the group reservation.

If two heads are better than one, imagine what a whole group can do. When it comes to solving problems, sharing information and talking about interesting things, you will find that traveling in a group is great. Also consider that you might meet new friends.

Traveling in a group is very safe because everyone takes care of each other and avoids the problem of traveling alone. It is recommended to create a chat with your travel companions so that there is always an open communication channel between everyone.

Organize a group trip and go on a memorable vacation

In this sense, group trips are usually memorable due to all the different variables and situations generated by the number of people involved. Unforgettable anecdotes almost always emerge which enrich the trip and create strong bonds between the members of the group.

– Everything is easy when you travel in a group

By being able to distribute the different planning, logistics and administration tasks among several people, the trip is easier for everyone. Perfect, especially when there is good chemistry between everyone and they are able to work as a team.

Save on your transport costs

Book airfare and hotel rooms, attractions and tour operators have benefit platforms for groups. If you book with groups, you can take advantage of exclusive rates, the option that each member of the group is responsible for paying their share and discounts at hotels and car rental companies.

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