Baggage for children: Stroller and Car seat on board a Spirit Airlines flight

Many parents get stressed when they want to travel by plane with their children, including babies, especially if they are traveling for vacation. Indeed, for a serene trip on board with little travelers, you must always prepare in advance, then the trip will bring only positive emotions.

Flying Spirit Airlines with an infant: What is the minimum age?

The American airline allows passengers to fly with their babies aged at least 7 days, and without the need to buy seats for them.

It is necessary to know that you can take two weeks after birth in case of emergency. Remember that the first three months the newborn adapts to the world around him and you must travel during this period with caution.

Sharp climate change is not recommended, so you should not fly a plane with a baby in winter to warm destinations. A change in climate from cold to warm is well tolerated by infants, but a return flight can lead to colds.

It takes at least three to four weeks for a newborn to adjust to a new place. Take this recommendation into account when traveling by plane with a baby.

What is the travel fare?

Children under the age of two are allowed on board the aircraft free of charge, provided your child is seated on your lap. One parent is allowed to carry only one baby for free, for the second you will need to buy a ticket with a separate seat, while the ticket price costs half an adult.

If you bought a separate seat on an airplane for a baby, remember that it must be in a car seat or baby carrier. If Spirit Airlines does not provide its own restraints, you must bring your own car seat or carrycot on board the aircraft. Contact your airline in advance for better travel planning with your child on board.

Stroller on the plane: What are the rules of Spirit Airlines?

Even for the shortest trips with a child, it is essential to transport them their stroller. It is important for a child to provide the usual level of comfort, rest and sleep.

Even at the airport when checking in, it is very convenient if the transport of children is at hand, you can rock the child. However, not only do mothers of babies take a stroller with them on a plane, older children also explore the world in their own vehicle with a lot of fun. If the youngest travelers need models with a reclining backrest for sleeping, older children do very well without them, they like to explore the surroundings and landscapes while seated.

Carrying a stroller on an airplane is especially convenient when you have to fly with transfers, it is not so easy to run to the terminal with a child in your arms, especially if there are short intervals between flights. When it comes to air travel, the first question caring parents ask themselves is whether it is possible to take a stroller on a plane, what type of stroller it is and if it is there are special conditions for its transport. In addition to the all-season model, many families acquire such a convenient device as a stroller cane; is it possible to take it on a plane, another frequent request.

Indeed, Spirit Airlines has agreed to register strollers free of charge for children traveling on board its planes.

After the plane has landed, you can pick up the children’s vehicle directly at the jetty, if this issue has been agreed in advance with the airline staff. You can also collect the product at the usual baggage carousel or at the counter for non-standard items.

Rules and features of transporting a crib

For passengers with children under the age of two, Spirit Airlines offers the use of a cot for the duration of the flight. The air carrier notes that the desire to use this service must be indicated no later than 48 hours before departure.

When it comes to transporting a personal accessory for toddlers, travelers should obtain a special shipping label.

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