Conditions for carriage of liquids in baggage on Spirit Airlines flights

For each passenger booking a Spirit Airlines ticket, it is permitted to carry liquids with a total volume of one liter in transparent packaging.

Liquids can be: water, drinks, creams, lotions, aerosols, gels, foams, pastes, … Keep in mind that if the two-liter shampoo bottle is half filled, it cannot be transported.

It is not always clear what is liquid and what is not. Cosmetics: mascara, lip gloss are liquids. Honey, cheese, jam, toothpaste, soft cheeses are also liquids.

Note: Spirit Airlines may make an exception when it comes to carrying baby food that the child needs during the flight; medicines and dietary foods with a doctor’s certificate or prescription.

When going through the security check, liquids must be presented separately in a transparent resealable bag. It’s not a strict requirement, but it’s still recommended to put all the liquids in one place so you don’t have to search all over the suitcase later.

You can buy a clear bag suitable for your needs at stationery stores, a food storage bag or a clear cosmetic bag with a zipper will also work.

There are international requirements from ICAO. In the United States, the activities of airports and airlines including Spirit Airlines are primarily regulated by the Air Code, Federal Aviation Rules and other regulatory documents.

Inspection of hand luggage at the airport is carried out by airport security officers, so airports must rely on information provided by the airport.

On the websites of major airports it is easy to find information about permitted and prohibited items in hand luggage, you should study them before arriving at the airport.

If a passenger is traveling to a destination outside of the United States, the safety regulations may differ there, so it is recommended to study the features when planning your trip so as not to find yourself in an awkward situation.

If suddenly the trip nevertheless took with him such valuables as luxury perfumes, then in order not to throw them away, he can leave them in the storage room at the airport and collect them upon arrival.

Transport of liquid food

The passenger can put in his luggage fruits, nuts, hard cheese, muesli bars, sandwiches. Hand luggage must not contain products prohibited by customs rules and liquids with a volume greater than one litre.

Water and food can be purchased after security check in the clear area. It is possible to take an empty water bottle into the cabin and ask the flight attendant to fill it.

Medicines in luggage

In hand luggage, it is allowed to transport medicines in their original packaging. It is only necessary to check in advance whether the drugs are legal in the country of destination.

Liquid medications such as gels, sprays, ointments and ampoules are subject to liquid transport rules. If the medication is life-saving, airport personnel must be notified and a certificate issued recently by a doctor must be presented.

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  1. Sherri McMullen

    I am totally tube fed and I am hoping I can bring my formula, pump, tubing. I also require IV and will be bringing a 1L IV fluid and tubing and supplies. Will all this be ok to bring in my medical bag. How much formula can I bring in the cabin? Does the rest of the formula need to be put into a checked bag (as each carton is 325 ml)?

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