Fly with a Spirit Airlines with sports equipment: Rules to respect

If a passenger wants to travel and needs to carry additional baggage, in addition to their bags, such as bicycles, camping gear, fishing or ski gear, among others, Spirit Airlines allows them to do so but in fulfilling certain conditions.

Spirit Airlines applies a maximum baggage allowance of 40 pounds and a total dimension of 62 inches for the normal free baggage allowance. Anything over that is classed as special baggage, over 100 pounds even as air cargo.

Most types of sports equipment can be carried with Spirit Airlines as free checked baggage:

– All sports equipment must be properly packed to avoid damage and to comply with baggage size and weight restrictions.

– If necessary, you can take more checked baggage with you for an additional fee. With Spirit Airlines, various sports equipment can be carried on the plane at no additional cost if the total weight of the free baggage allowance is not exceeded.

– Small sports baggage can be transported in accordance with the provisions of the baggage policy within the authorized allowance, respecting the weight, measurements and number of pieces allowed. If the baggage exceeds its weight, size or number of pieces, it will be subject to the corresponding excess allowance.

– Golf, Diving and Skiing holidays are becoming more and more popular. You don’t want to be without your own gear, so take your golf bag or snorkel gear with you.

– Whether it’s a surfboard, diving equipment, a golf bag, skis or bicycles, … sports equipment cannot generally be checked on the plane like normal baggage. The bag is too big, too heavy, too bulky.

However, on the vast majority of Spirit Airlines flights, you can also book your sports or special baggage and the airline considers it checked baggage. Some equipment, such as bicycles, must be reported in advance, as the loading of the plane depends on it.

There are a number of safety requirements when transporting certain items. In this case, you must first obtain permission to transport them.

When checking in oversized sports equipment, please allow an additional fifteen minutes for it to be safely handed over to the baggage service staff.

– Diving Equipment

You can take diving equipment with you as checked baggage in suitable packaging, as long as it does not exceed the weight and size limits of your checked baggage.

– Golf Clubs

You can carry golf equipment as checked baggage as long as it does not exceed the weight limit. Inventory will only be accepted in the appropriate padded box or hard case to prevent damage. Clothing or other personal items should not be packed with golf equipment in a bag.

– Ski and snowboard equipment

Properly packed skis and snowboards can be checked in as checked baggage. They are included in the baggage allowance. Transport ski and snowboard equipment only in specially designed packaging.

Skis, snowboards and athletic shoes may be packed with the rest of the checked baggage, subject to package size requirements. Weight restrictions must also be observed. If the weight and / or size of the checked baggage exceed the established standards, it will be necessary to pay the excess.

Ski or snowboard boots packed separately from skis or snowboards may be taken on board as long as the size of the package does not exceed the hand luggage limit. Otherwise, the shoes must be checked in as baggage. Please check your baggage allowance in advance.

– Surfboards and kayaks

You can bring surfboards and kayaks as checked baggage subject to weight and size restrictions, in suitable soft or hard packaging to prevent damage. Clothing or other personal items should not be packed with the surfboard and kayak in a bag or case.

If your baggage is overweight, you may have to pay additional baggage fees; if the free baggage allowance is exceeded, an excess baggage fee will be charged.

Larger surfboards, kayaks, canoes and paddles should be shipped as freight through our partner IAG Cargo.

It is forbidden to carry tennis and squash rackets, fishing rods, cues and golf clubs in hand luggage. They exceed the permitted dimensions of hand luggage – 56 cm in length.

Most airports will not allow these items through security. You will need to check them in as checked baggage for carriage with other checked baggage on all flights in your itinerary.

Each separately packed racquet or club counts as a separate piece of baggage, so check your baggage allowance.

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