Flying with ski bag gear: What does Spirit Airlines say?

Each passenger booking a plane ticket with Spirit Airlines is entitled to take skis or a snowboard on the plane. Winter sports equipment is part of the odd-sized baggage and may be carried in the hold.

If you are a winter sports lover, it is very normal that you choose more over to fly winter sports destination. Millions of people like you don’t want endless traffic jams.

Fortunately, Spirit Airlines is expanding its operations to cold weather destinations. If you plan to take a plane to fly to your favorite skiing destination, you will be faced with a choice: Bring your own skis/snowboard on board. And above all: how to ensure that your skis or snowboard survive the trip safely.

Airplane Ski Equipment: Weight and Height Limit

First of all, you should know that Spirit Airlines allows each passenger to carry complete ski equipment containing a pair of skis, poles and boots. This bag will go in the hold as checked baggage whose total weight and dimensions are limited to 40 pounds and 62 inches respectively.

Many ski or snowboard manufacturers offer separate bags to carry your skis or snowboard. These are well equipped for air transport.

If the passenger fears that his skis or snowboard will be touched during the trip and risk suffering damage, he must think about packing them. This can be done with a blanket or a large towel, for example. He has to make sure it stays in place by wrapping tape around it.
The ski equipment generally consists of a pair of skis, 1 pair of ski poles and 1 pair of boots. In order for this material to be preserved, it must be packed in a suitable bag or cover.

Avoid arriving late at the airport

Always indicate at the check-in counter that you are traveling with ski equipment. Usually, after the normal check-in, the passenger must drop off their equipment at a separate point and pay, if applicable. It always takes a little extra time, so take that into account.

Because the helmet is fragile, the passenger does not want it to be thrown roughly. It should therefore be taken as much as possible as hand luggage. If that doesn’t work, make sure it’s well packed in the suitcase. For example, you can put on a towel and place it tightly between the clothes. The same goes for glasses.

If the passenger has not yet reached the maximum weight allowed in their baggage? You must then take the opportunity to add some clothes to your equipment. Also useful for ensuring that skis or snowboards are well protected.

Ski equipment must be checked in at the airport

When booking your ticket, you can usually already indicate that you want to take skis or a snowboard on the plane. Once at the airport, you first check in your usual hold baggage, after which you also receive tags for your ski equipment (ski bag + ski boot bag). Then you bring your skis and boots in the odd size luggage. Once at your destination, your winter sports equipment also comes from a different baggage carousel than your normal checked baggage.

You can also choose to travel with only ski boots to rent skis at your destination. Ski boots can also be taken as hand luggage, provided that the maximum dimensions and weight are respected.

When a passenger only goes skiing for a long weekend, they want to make the most of their time and be on the slopes as quickly as possible. With Spirit Airlines, you can get to your skiing destination in hours. He can arrive rested in the snow and make the most of the weather. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

The earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets. To make your trip as comfortable as possible, it is important that you prepare everything well. Book your plane ticket in advance and inform the staff of the American company that you wish to transport your ski equipment by plane, and it is preferable that you do so at least forty eight hours before departure.

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