Baggage transport for children according to Spirit Airlines rules

Spirit Airlines allows you to fly with your little baby from two weeks after birth, and also gives you the possibility of carrying his own handbag in addition to a crib or car seat, free of charge.

With Spirit Airlines, a paying child is entitled to regular baggage allowance. On the other hand, if the baby is traveling on the lap of his parents, he is also entitled to a standard carry-on bag generally not exceeding 11 to 22 pounds, in order to transport his personal objects and this, in addition to the parents’ own allowance. or guardian accompanying him on board.

Transporting baby liquids: How to get through security at the airport

Infant formula, breast milk, juice and baby food are accepted in carry-on baggage provided they are in small containers and the quantity is reasonable.

Take breast milk in hand luggage

Passengers traveling with babies on board may carry quantities of breast milk. However, it is preferable to inform the airline company Spirit Airlines before departure to find out about the maximum quantity of powder to be carried in the handbag in order to avoid the risk of it being thrown away by the controllers at the airport.

Food must be refrigerated

When boarding the aircraft, it is not possible to place baby food in a refrigerator. It is therefore advisable to be as independent as possible by having everything in an insulated lunch box.

Take meals in the baby bag

The child’s parent should check Spirit Airlines’ meal policy at least 48 days prior to departure, as in some cases the whole thing will require a reservation.

The American low cost company allows the parent of the baby to take meals regardless of whether the flight is national or international.

Baby meals consist of foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, and pureed desserts. Children’s meals are designed for those who are at least two years old. To order a meal for a baby or child, contact a Spirit Airlines customer advisor by phone, text or chat.

A stroller and a car seat on board

Traveling with a baby by plane often requires equipment. Fortunately, Spirit Airlines put one or two childcare items in the hold for children under two years old for free (remember to label them). Check with your company before departure. Baby carriers, travel cots and all bulky baggage go in the hold, unless, for example, your pushchair is compact and provided there is space to store it in the cabin.
Pour éviter de vous encombrer ou de payer un supplément bagage, ne vous surchargez pas pour voyager avec un bébé en avion. En effet, vous pourrez sûrement louer du matériel sur place.

To travel with a baby by plane serenely, anticipation remains the watchword. For the flight, plan something to take care of your little one. Opt for a large practical changing bag: your baby is entitled to carry-on luggage even if he is traveling on your lap. You will put:

– His meals for the duration of the flight;
– A change of clothes or two;
– A small baby first aid kit: physiological serum, painkiller, …;
– Some games and toys according to age: stickers, book, …;
– What to change it: diapers, liniment, cottons or wipes, changing mat, …;
– A little blanket to warm him up.

Don’t forget to dress your little one sufficiently during the flight: he can be cold with the air conditioning. Socks, sweater, don’t skimp. The ideal: put several layers on it, to adjust its outfit according to the temperature on the plane. Also, choose super comfortable and stretchy clothes.
You should also avoid overloading the bag with toys: the little bits are curious. Your baby will observe all his surroundings, … If he is not sleeping. He may indeed spend a good part of the flight sleeping, especially if you have chosen to travel at night. For the moments of awakening, exit the toys that are too noisy, which may attract the wrath of other travelers. Opt instead for his favorite stuffed animals, comforter, rattle or books, which you will take care to take out gradually, to occupy him as long as possible.

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