Everything about the baggage policy and conditions on board Spirit Airlines flights

Spirit Airlines offers a baggage allowance similar to the carriage standards set by other airlines, but there are still differences regarding the number of bags to carry in the cabin or to check in the hold, what is prohibited and what is authorized, …

Carriage of cabin baggage according to Spirit Airlines rules

The passenger has the right to carry necessary things in one handbag, compactly packed in the cabin of the aircraft. The weight and dimensions are similar for all travel destinations offered by the American company.

It is important to note that the passenger is entitled to carry, in addition to hand baggage, another personal bag in the cabin.

In order for the luggage to be placed on a shelf or under the front seat without problems, it is necessary to limit oneself to the parameters of Spirit Airlines.

The weight and dimensions of hand luggage are assessed during check-in. If everything is normal, and the weight and dimensions measured by the agents are in accordance with the rules of the American company. The passenger can reach the boarding area. On the other hand, if it is an additional weight or non-standard baggage, the passenger can opt for the choice of purchasing excess baggage.

Transport of liquids in baggage

Spirit Airlines allows the carriage of liquid and gel products, such as toothpaste, face lotion provided that the total volume does not exceed 1L (100 millilitres).

You should also remember to collect all liquid foods in a transparent plastic bag. It will therefore be easier and faster to present them during pre-flight checks.

According to Spirit Airlines rules, the passenger cannot carry more than one liter of liquid in general hand luggage. By the way, lipstick also belongs to this category. Anything over the notorious 100ml will need to be placed in checked baggage or it will be thrown away by officers at the airport.

What to do in case of overweight Baggage?

For passengers wishing to carry baggage that does not meet the standard in terms of weight and dimensions or the number of pieces authorized by Spirit Airlines.

If the baggage weighs more than the weight allowed by Spirit Airlines or if its dimensions exceed the standards established by the American company, it is considered heavy. In this case, it must be declared beforehand. And the price, most likely, will be individual. Since the plane is not rubber, the company has the right to refuse the carriage of excess and heavy goods in case of lack of free space.

Transport valuables by plane

It is this baggage that due to its material or intrinsic value must be shipped by the passenger, declaring its delivery in a special way and accrediting the payment of a percentage of the declared value.

To determine the value of the objects in the baggage, the passenger must present an original and a simple copy of the invoice of the object transported in the baggage, valuation document or any other that demonstrates the price of the value of what is intended to be declared as special value. If the required documentation is not available, the value will be determined by direct negotiation between the interested parties.

Certain products and items are prohibited

Spirit Airlines imposes special laws and regulations on passengers in order to avoid any type of problems that may expose them to danger and to ensure their protection and comfort of travel.

If passengers are entitled to carry the products they want in their carry-on baggage or in their checked baggage, they must comply with the conditions of Spirit Airlines refusing them the carriage of certain articles and objects, in particular dangerous objects such as:

– Flammable liquids;

– Corrosive, oxidizing and contagious substances;

– Explosive items;

– Battery-powered vehicles, lithium batteries;

– Chemicals and radioactive devices.

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