Carriage of additional suitcases with Spirit Airlines: How and where to buy extra baggage?

Today, more and more people are incurring costs for transporting their luggage on a flight. Where it used to be free on several occasions, airlines including Spirit Airlines are increasingly charging additional fees for carry-on and checked baggage, those with a weight and dimensions greater than those mentioned in their transport regulations.

All the things you take with you in the cabin when you fly with them are weighed, counted and checked beforehand at the airport.

The passenger’s hand luggage is now rechecked more than once: during the check-in procedure, when going through passport control and at the boarding gate.

The airline explains the new requirements by taking care of passengers who are unhappy with the fact that a large number of things in the cabin make the flight uncomfortable.

The free baggage allowance specified is valid for carriage on the entire itinerary, if all flights are operated on flights marketed by Spirit Airlines.

If the baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance in terms of number of pieces, weight or size (in the sum of the three dimensions height + length + width), then additional baggage will have to be paid for.

The weight and dimensions of hand/checked baggage are limited. For any transport of an overweight or out of shape piece, the passenger must pay a supplement.

At Spirit Airlines, baggage costs and conditions are clearly stated. As a result, you may face unpleasant surprises during check-in. After all, you quickly pay a lot more if your luggage doesn’t meet the weight or dimension limits of the airline you’re traveling with. This can quickly add up to several hundred dollars if you exceed the maximum baggage requirements. It is therefore a good idea to familiarize yourself beforehand with what you can take with you.

Additional, overweight or oversized baggage

Many travelers are faced with overweight baggage. The cost of overweight baggage depends on the airline’s policy and the baggage allowance system they use, as well as the destination you are flying to.

If ever the carriage of baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance established and not paid before the start of such carriage at the departure airport during check-in is revealed, upon detection of the carriage of excess baggage at the arrival at the destination airport, such baggage must be paid for at the rates established by the airline.

– Overweight baggage

In this case, each kilogram of overweight is paid. The passenger can purchase an extra $50 to carry an extra piece weighing up to 50 Ibs, $75 to carry a suitcase weighing up to 100 Ibs.

– Oversized baggage

For parts with non-standard dimensions (between 63 and 80 inches), the passenger must pay a fee of $100. Beyond these dimensions, he must pay a fee of $150 knowing that the maximum dimensions accepted in the cabin are limited to 80 inches. All baggage with dimensions larger than 80 inches is forwarded to the Spirit Airlines Cargo Department.

Where to pay for excess baggage?

It depends on the airport. In most cases, there is a special counter for excess baggage at the airport. The exact method of payment will be requested from the passenger at the reception after having weighed his luggage during the security check.

– Buy cheaper baggage allowances online

Spirit Airlines allows its travelers to pay the allowance in advance through its website, from the Manage Booking section, and it’s dramatically cheaper than at the airport. If you know for sure that you are overweight, check to see if you can pay for it online.

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