Submit a claim to Spirit Airlines: What contact channels are available?

When a Spirit Airlines flight is canceled or significantly delayed, it makes sense for the passenger to request a refund for their airfare, however, there are many issues that, in terms of meaning, are more related to this thread. . In particular, questions on how to file the claim. It makes sense to file a claim in the proposed form until the carrier’s refusal is legalized.

Do you want to obtain compensation from your airline following a flight delay or cancellation? Then you need to file a claim with that airline. But how do you file such a complaint? And what if Spirit Airlines doesn’t want to compensate you afterwards?

By booking a Spirit Airlines flight, the American airline undertakes to carry the passenger. In case of impossibility or delay, certain rights are therefore made available to him, with the aim of repairing the inconvenience to which he was a victim.

Indeed, the passenger victim of a flight cancellation has these rights as an air consumer.

When booking a flight on the website of the airline Spirit Airlines, you had the opportunity to get acquainted with complete and reliable information on the conditions of carriage, including the rules of air carriage of passengers and luggage. If you believe that your carrier has not respected the conditions of this contract of carriage, you can contact him to claim and defend your non-respected rights.

When can you file a complaint against Spirit Airlines?

The most common reasons for complaints against this airline are:

– The air carrier is guilty of a flight delay

– The flight was delayed for a long time, but the passengers are on their own, without proper food or accommodation.

– Loss or damage to passenger property.

– Company employees exceeded their authority.

– Sudden flight cancellation or re-routing not due to force majeure.

The passenger does not receive the required service and quality of service without visible or justified reasons.

To have a reason to complain to Spirit Airlines, you need to know your rights. What is the liability of the air carrier if the flight is delayed through its fault?

It all depends on the length of the delay:

– Flight delayed two hours. Passengers are required to offer drinks and food or help with an email.
The delay lasts four hours. The passenger has the right to expect hot meals every six hours during the day.

– Delay of more than six hours. Guests are required to provide a hotel room. If you are traveling with a small child, you should be offered to go to a room specially equipped for mother and child.

Make a claim with Spirit Airlines

Each passenger who wishes to obtain compensation must submit a complaint to the airline. A request which must mention its flight number as well as its contact details.

In addition, the passenger has a period of three weeks to make this complaint and, to do so, he must contact the customer service department of the airline operating his flight directly.
When a flight is cancelled, Spirit Airlines offers to issue you a full refund or rebook tickets for alternative dates and routes.

Claims can be made on the airline’s website only if purchased there. If the ticket was paid for with points or at the sales office, you should contact the Spirit Airlines Contact Center.

Filing a claim against the air carrier means the passenger refuses to fly and asks for money. In other words, Spirit Airlines’ debt to the passenger should not be related to unproven air transportation, but to non-compliance with the obligation to return the money.

Your complaint request to be filed with Spirit Airlines must include in particular:

– List of violations committed by the airline (flight cancellation, denied boarding, …)

– A list of services not provided by the carrier due to flight delay or cancellation.

If the complaint cannot be delivered to the authorized representative of the carrier, it must be sent to the address of the airline’s headquarters, or the passenger must contact Spirit Airlines customer service directly to file the complaint, and for this, it has two three options:

Phone: 855-728-3555

SMS: 48763

Online form

Baggage problem: File a claim against Spirit Airlines

The American company is responsible for transporting luggage after check-in to the hold of the plane and then to the passengers at their destination are not known for their delicacy in the handling of suitcases.

The risk of baggage being lost, destroyed, or the target of theft is minimal, but still exists.
Spirit Airlines also gives you the opportunity to contact a customer advisor and share your concern by starting an online chat.

The complaint is a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In order to be compensated, submit your request within 21 days of the delivery of the baggage. Use the contact methods listed above to submit your complaint to Spirit Airlines.

Attach a copy of your invoice for basic necessities. If your luggage has suffered damage, intervene within seven days of receipt of the luggage, with the airline in order to be compensated.

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